Lord Knows, This Would be the First Time

Tonight we went to see Morrissey in concert. We decided to go all in and purchased the over the top expensive tickets that got us a dedicated bar, dedicated port-o-potties, “free “ food and the front row. And believe me when I say the price was outrageous. But despite that, we decided to do it, for some good reasons. First of all, we figured that we are too old to hang out with the youngsters so buying into a 21 and over section seemed like a good idea, secondly who doesn’t want to be in the front and really could you go wrong with dedicated “bathrooms.” I have to admit that I was feeling a bit nervous about how seeing Morrissey might make me feel. I had seen the advertising photo for the show and he still pretty much looked like Morrissey to me. But what if he just looked old and fat in real life. What if he was lethargic and didn’t sound good, it would just be depressing.

We decided to go on the early side to take advantage of our expensive perqs. When we were finally able to locate the dedicated area for VIPs, the food was not yet ready. We did purchase some beverages and make our way to the front row area (drinks welcome). We sat along the backside of the front “row” on these concrete steps for bit and tried to figure out if there was an opening band or not. It was kind of unclear. Finally food was available and two members of my party made their way down to partake. It was at this point that the opener started. She was kind of like a bizarre world Katy Perry lookalike with a Florence and the Machine sound. Oddly engaging. About halfway through her performance we left where we were sitting to get closer to the stage. By the time Morrissey came out we were literally, in the second row, if there had been seating. We were so close, we could have gotten Morrissey’s sweat on us, that close.

And then, there he was, right there, right in front of me, so incredibly close. It is difficult to explain the feelings. When you see someone who was part of your life, part of big changes in your thinking and how you perceive the world, formative years as it were, and then there he is, sounding the same and singing those songs. And so close. Like reach out and touch you close. Just indescribable.

Of course, the expensive seats did not get us out of being very close to a fight over the shirt that Morrissey took off and tossed into the crowd, just to the right of us. There was a chokehold and some kicking but luckily we were not involved. This, just after a large man with digestive problems almost passed out right next to us. Then there was the Starbucks guy. One of the Starbucks guys from where I go to get my coffee was right in front of us. It set up this weird dynamic. Do we chat? Acknowledge our customer relations relationship? We ended up chatting and despite the fact that the last time Morrissey had come to HI, he had been in fifth grade, he has a serious crush on him. So, towards the end of the night, when all of the stage rushing was rebuffed by security, he was able to reach up and touch Morrissey’s hand, we all cheered for him.

I can honestly say that this may have been the best show that I have ever been to in my life. To be able to see an icon, so close and so personal. Concerts growing up in NY were in giant venues and the musicians were the size of ants from our affordable seats. I thank Hawaii for tonight. If this had been NY, the area where we were watching from would have sold out, as would have the entire show, potentially before I could get tickets. Tonight I recorded parts of the show from my incredible vantage point and it is the kind of footage that makes you jealous when you see it. I love that, for me, it just reminds me of one of the best evenings out in recent history, no jealousy required.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to Lord Knows, This Would be the First Time

  1. Mick says:

    LIKE! I love Morrissey. He has the most amazing voice ever! So jealous.

    So for once in my life
    let me get what I want
    Lord knows it would be the first time

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