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Mocha Mania

Sometimes I get really worked up about things. Politics and policy, sometimes it just comes pouring out, or it can’t come out and I am like this pressure cooker ready to blow. I think part of it is that I … Continue reading

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My significant other informed me this past Saturday that Sunday was the nine year anniversary of our first date. This was news to me. I am bad with dates. I have a hard time remembering whose birthday comes first in … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Father’s Day, a day fraught with emotion, loss, guilt and anger; not just for me but for many a close friend. We come from a generation of divorce. A generation raised by strong women. Some of us never knew … Continue reading

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Blessed Be

I am not a religious person. Before my parents divorced, my dad, a Catholic, made sure that I was receiving all the appropriate religious training. I went to religion class and was confirmed. My mom tried to continue the Catholicism … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Know

I talk to my Mom in NY every weekend, usually both days. Inevitably during one of those calls she either tells me that she was just about to call me or that she was just thinking of me when I … Continue reading

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Transit of Venus

Today we in Hawaii were lucky enough to be in a part of the world that was in a prime viewing location to see, wait for it, the Transit of Venus. It feels like it needs dramatic music. A good … Continue reading

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