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Will try to get my hands on a laptop to pound out some words. Back in NY enjoying a slowed down simpler life.

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Girl Love

For my entire life, all forty plus years of it, I have been pretty secure in my sexuality. Early on I knew that really, I just liked boys, and I felt that there was little to no wiggle room in … Continue reading

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Dancing in Public

On Friday when I was walking from work to my car (not the same building) there was a family of Japanese tourists heading my way. I felt like maybe they were lost. Most Japanese tourists are down in Waikiki. The … Continue reading

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I had a conversation with someone today and told him I was going away soon. He asked me where I was going and my answer was home. He was surprised at that answer. He said that he had been in … Continue reading

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I have been thinking about family a bit lately. It helps that tomorrow is my Mom’s 70th birthday. I spoke to her today. She recently returned from North Carolina where she had driven down to pick up her new puppy. … Continue reading

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Bon Dance Season

I lived in Hawaii for over ten years before attending my first Bon Dance (Obon or just Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors). That was last year. I am unsure why I never … Continue reading

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