Running it Out

Today I was feeling frustrated at work. Things are not moving as quickly as I would like, which seems an amusing thing for me to say since I typically feel that I am working at breakneck speed with no end in sight. I know I have no real time crunch right now at work, as I have been able to exercise at lunch and have been making it home in time to cook dinner for my family. Two things that help make me a bit saner.

Speaking of sane, I know that I must drive my co-worker nuts. While I was in NY, my department physically relocated to a different floor. We obtained a bit more space and got to keep a view, of the mountains now instead of the ocean. The other change was that rather than sitting with a walkway in between us, my co worker and I sit right next to each other now. So in the past, she probably had no idea how much I muttered under my breath to emails received, spoke directly to articles on the internet and read documents that are going out the door out loud to make sure they sound OK. I hope that it is not making her too crazy. I just can’t help it. It is what I do.

I’m sure they don’t do this but it sounds like it.

At least it is generally muttered and under my breath as opposed to the loud talkers we are surrounded by. It is total cubicle land in our office environment and I do think that everyone tries to respect that.  Everyone knows that you should not be making any personal calls that you do not feel OK sharing with the entire floor. That acknowledgement aside, we have a couple of loud talkers who sit on either side of us like bookends. They are noisy and they are distracting. I try to tune them out but they override my inner dialogue. It has gotten so bad that I started listening to music with my ear buds to drown them out.  While it is infinitely better, I still think that quiet would be best. Not to be had.

So there I was at work today. Frustrated with the lack of movement. Distracted by the loud talkers. Feeling like I was the only one who cared. So I decided to go for my lunch run a bit earlier than usual. People always comment that it is too hot to run at lunch. I would disagree. I actually find it worse to run in the afternoon than at noon. It is too hot. Too late in the day. Too something and basically no good.  Out in the sun of the day, in my bad green shorts, it was nice. These green shorts, my running shorts, have got to go but I hate those shorts with the built in underwear. That just grosses me out. Who wants that? I believe that it is a ploy to make women buy a boatload of shorts because no one wants to wear underwear shorts for more than one run. Yuck.

I headed out and although I do not feel as if I have lost a single pound, I am feeling stronger. Feeling more like a runner. Like I used to feel. I like that. To that end I had the Rocky theme song in my head. That’s how good it was. By the time I got back to the mothership, I was no longer frustrated. I felt good. And the rest of my day was pretty OK.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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  1. Hawaii and New York – what a contrast. Nothing like a good run to keep life consistently in perspective.

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