Art of Living

I was off from work today. That in and of itself made today glorious. I am not overstating that. On Wednesday, whenever I told someone I was off on Thursday, I got this giant shit eating grin on my face. I couldn’t help it. The plan was to assist on my son’s field trip all morning and perhaps catch an adult movie in the afternoon. An adult movie, one rated R, shivers of delight.

Interestingly enough, when I woke up this morning bits of my dreams remained. They were, I have to say, of the illicit sort. The kind where you are doing things, or potentially going to do things with someone who in real life, in the real waking world, you had never even considered doing anything like that with, ever. Someone who you have a friendly professional relationship with and nothing more. This is not the first time I have had this type of dream about this person. It puzzles me since there is no in real life attraction at all. I wonder what my subconscious sleeping self sees that my waking self does not. I have to admit that these dreams linger, as it still is despite the fact that it is now dark outside. Then in an odd merging of dreams and real life, on my daily coffee sojourn this morning I was absolutely flirted with. At one point I realized I was tucking my hair behind my ear, responding like a trained monkey. This experience this morning, for some reason seemed to bridge the dream with real life. Extended it and made it real in an oddly satisfying way. It is difficult to explain. And sounds vaguely scandalous. It was not.

I blame it all on the day off. The ability to just be for a day. It reminded me of living in NY. It was kind of nice. All the time in the day to just live and think and feel. It was pretty wonderful. I ignored the work emails, read them, but ignored them. It was like my subconscious prepared me for this day by tapping into a little used or considered area of my being. One which is too often ignored because of everything else in life. Maybe it was just a reminder, that hey, you can’t ignore all the good parts. Make the time. Make it work.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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