Graceful as an Ox

Today I was lucky enough to find the time during work to go for a run. Most folks think that running in the middle of the day in Hawaii is just plain foolish. They ask if it is hot. I say that it is always hot. It is a good time to run. I am not semi-comatose because it is the crack of dawn. I am not feeling bloaty and full of food because it is the end of the day and I have eaten at some point during it. Noonish. Wide awake after copious amounts of coffee and still feeling light since lunch has not occurred and breakfast is not my thing. I run around town. Up towards the mountains not down towards the ocean. Running at the ocean side park by work reminds me of when I was post-pregnancy and I could barely trot the two miles. It is a memory I don’t care to relive by running that route. Instead I run up Ward Avenue which is a long and slopey hill that has me heaving by the time I get to the top. It levels off after that and it was in that level area today where I fell quite spectacularly.

Upon seeing me limping about the office later in the day I told a co-worker that I had fallen. While running. He said, “you are telling people that?” and then asked if I had been chewing gum at the same time. Runners know the danger of falling. It can happen at any time and for no good reason. The last time I fell was a really long time ago. I know that because my son was in a stroller. He is eight today. I like to think that because I am physically active I don’t truly injure myself too badly when I fall. It is the sudden contact with the ground that does it. That brief instant when your forward motion is being stopped by the braking action of your skin scraping against the pavement. That was me today. I am certain that my fall was spectacular. I am sure because I felt for a brief moment that I was going to recover and not actually going to go down. Wishful thinking.

And there I was. On my stomach. Sprawled out on the sidewalk. Funny thing, there was not a soul around. No cars going by. No one out by their house. Just me. Who knows why I fell. I am relatively certain that I did not trip over anything. The damage was assessed as a scraped knee, arm and hand. And somehow, I managed to turn my thumb purple. I figured out that everything

Running injury - seriously

Running injury – seriously

seemed to still be working. I thought about calling my significant other. I knew he would berate me and then come and get me but I figured I could make it back. Turns out, at that exact moment, when I had picked myself up and decided to keep on going, he had driven right past me. He said that he had stuck his head out of his truck window and waved. I never saw him but I must have felt him. He never honks because he is afraid he might scare me. I believe that if I had seen him I would’ve requested a lift. I suppose it was not meant to be. I’m glad I ran back. I am thankful that I was able to pick myself up and dust myself off. I am also thankful that help was right there whether I knew it or not. If I’m not too stiff, maybe I’ll be out there again tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll remain upright.

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