What’s a Battle Without Missiles?

That is what my 8 year old son said to me after I asked him about why the nerf guns had to be on the floor in the living room. He totally loves the title of this blog post and thinks that I should be documenting his battle which involves the grandma-from-NY sent Hess trucks (rare in Hawaii according to him). While this post is tangentially about him, writing about the nerf gun war seemed, maybe a bit less important than what I really wanted to write about.

A few months ago, I received a letter from my OB/GYN informing me that she would be closing her practice at the end of June. Yes, I was overdue to see her and no, I hadn’t kept up with appointments like I should have but I was surprised and sad. Her letter didn’t mention why. She is not old enough to retire so I’m not really sure what her reasons are. It is especially sad because she delivered my son. Back then, almost nine years ago, I felt like her practice was new. Whenever we went for a pregnancy check up, we were the only people in the waiting room. It got more crowded as the years went on but back in the day we felt like trailblazers.

I remember having nervous conversations with her about flying while pregnant. And calling her in the evening when they were re-doing the building next door to us and the paint fumes were making me sick. And the day I went in and she couldn’t find my baby’s heartbeat and she sent me down for an ultrasound and I had to wait and wait and I had to pee so badly and they wouldn’t let me go. And when it was time to give birth and I had to have a cesarean, she went and spoke to LKY, who was seriously nervous. She calmed his nerves and told him that this was the most frequently performed operation in the entire facility and that I would be fine. We would be fine. And we were. Post birth she would gaze at my son, at me, at LKY and try to figure out which traits were shared, eyes, ears, maybe a mouth. Like a live version mr. potato head. And now she is no longer my doctor, or anyone else’s for that matter. And that is sad. I hope that her decision to close her practice had more to do with good things like spending more time with her family. I hope it was for a happy reason.

I have yet to embark on a search for a new gynecologist. I’m not ready yet. To find someone, schedule the appointment. It is very first date-like. And what if you decide you don’t like them after that initial appointment. You’ve filled out a mountain of paperwork. You’ve given them all the information. They’ve got you. You’re in. I just had to do this to find a new primary care physician. The process was relatively painless. I used online tools, found a woman accepting new patients, called and next thing I knew I was receiving a whooping cough/tetanus booster. I have my fingers crossed that I will have a similar GYN search experience. And although I know that I won’t have the same relationship with my new gynecologist, I am hopeful that I will eventually like her as much as my old one.

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