Who Needs Robert Smith Anyway?

So, you may know that, as fate would have it, the one time potentially ever in the history of the world or at least in the history since I’ve been in Hawaii (near 15 years) The Cure is coming to do a show here while I will be in New York. I can say that I went through some sadness during the night I realized that this was the case. Honestly though, I got over it fairly quickly. Why? Well, I get to see my mother approximately two weeks out of the entire year. My mother gets to see her grandson approximately two weeks out of the year. Her only grandson. So, that really helps to put the entire thing into perspective. Robert Smith v. my mom, no contest. She wins hands down.

Again, sad over the Cure, brief and then over it. And then, the universe sensing my coming to terms with the situation quickly. Sensing that I had made peace and chosen the right path, offered me a pretty fabulous consolation prize. It turns out that my very close friend from Hawaii (who shall be referred to as YY) who now lives in North Carolina will be in New York City on the exact dates when we will be spending the night there. When I say that this was arranged by the universe, some force, God if you like, I am not kidding. Originally we were supposed to have our one night’s stay in the City on the 24th of July but my very best friend (who is King to my Queen of procrastination) waited too long and had to schedule the hotel the following week to get the good deal. And because of this, we will now be in NYC at the same time as YY and her family. When she sent me a FB message telling me this, it was total chesire cat smile, like it was too big for my face. I swear, I almost burst into tears. How’s that?

YY is sort of the Japanese local version of me. I was always like two years behind her or so. By the time I had begun paddling she had been out of it for a while so she could give me her waterproof shorts that I had to do the tight pants dance to get into. She had been there and done that when I took Saturday morning hula classes up at UH. And she got pregnant and gave birth before me, making her son about six months or so older than mine. I do not begrudge her any of these things. And she has moved away to North Carolina. The last time she visited Hawaii to see her family, we were on our way to NY and we could not meet up. Now instead of the universe confounding our efforts, it is lending a hand.

For me, over the years I find myself turning more inside. I blame it on work. I blame it on family life. I blame it on guilt and there not being enough time in the day. YY hearkens back to a time in my life of extreme selfishness. Of leaving home in the morning and not returning till after eleven once classes were over at UH and I had snuck in a late evening workout at my now defunct gym. In my heart (and maybe mistakenly) I feel like she still has a bit of that spur of the moment wanderlust that permits her to maintain a grounded sense of self. I hope that that is true and I look forward to basking in the glow of that. Of her wonderful self. Maybe some of it will rub off on me. Fingers crossed.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Who Needs Robert Smith Anyway?

  1. maukamakai says:

    Kim is like a NY version of me. We got together one year when she invited me to a vegetarian Thanksgiving potluck. I brought the gravy. Gravy to vegetarians on thanksgiving is like… I don’t know, like gravy for vegetarians on Thanksgiving. You don’t need it, but you really want it. When the couple who hosted the annual vegetarian thanksgiving potluck left honolulu, we took it upon ourselves to host the event with another generous vegetarian who said, No, he would not marry us if in 5 or 10 years we weren’t partnered up.

    Sometimes when our attempts to be at the same place at the same time are thwarted, I’d always think “Well, have you ever seen us both in the same place at the same time (recently, I mean) ???” We are doppelgangers, so that may not be possible. There was also a poetry to our missing each other. Usually within a day, I would be flying west over continent and ocean to get to my family in hawaii, in the Pacific Ocean; and she would be doing the same in reverse, flying over ocean and continent to get to her family on the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

    When our sons (both with names that contain the hawaiian word for ocean in them) do meet, they become friends. Again. I look forward to laughing with you, for that is what I treasure most about our friendship. And maybe the boys will be able to do the same, laugh together for a small bit of time.

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