Of Droughts and Ants

My blog has been so much more silent than usual since the new year. This is mostly due to the fact that my lovely Toshiba laptop bit the dust. It just won’t anymore. I took it to be diagnosed and there was a lot of well, you could do this and that and replace the hard drive. It all seemed beyond my personal competency level when it comes to computers. So it has been laid to rest so to speak. I will eventually have to have the hard drive siphoned off. All my photos, memories, writings and such need to be saved. I am assured that this is possible and I will make it happen eventually. So for now I am device-less when it comes to writing. It is these situations where your head becomes so full of words wishing to escape, you almost can’t stand it. It got so bad I actually wrote on paper. With a pen. I can’t lie, it is slow and unsatisfying, a typical New Yorker reaction. I have found myself dreaming of personal word processing in a bad way. I am scratching the itch today. Don’t ask how, just go with it.

And then there are the ants. No one in my house seems to care about the bugs. Remember that I live in Hawaii. My apartment is very, let’s say, porous. My screens have holes. My baseboards have cracks. It is a very thin and sometimes nonexistent line between me and the great outdoors. This makes for great opportunity for just about anything to find its way in. We’ve had lizards, roaches of the small, large and flying variety. And we’ve had ants. The ants are particularly bothersome to me. I have to move all tempting food items to the fridge, such as sugar. And honey. And cookies. I have to pack up sugary tainted trash to that they don’t find it before it goes out to the curb. Very bothersome.

I have ants right now. They are of the smallish variety but have taken over. My usual MO is to figure out where they are coming in and plug up the hole or trace around it with ant chalk. Ant chalk is something I used in Thailand where, for all intents and purposes, my house was one with the outside. In order to keep the very large, biting ants out of my place, ant chalk was the solution. Once you draw a line with it, the ants won’t cross it. Like in a western. It is awesome. It is my preferred ant deterrent. I hate sprays, I feel that I am killing myself. The baits attract them like crazy but I question their actual killing ability. And the chalk is so much humane-er. Right? All I want to do is keep them out. That’s all. They can live all they want as long as they are not in my honey bear.

It is typically pretty easy to find out where they are entering our place because they are usually streaming in the front door. But not this time. I spent a good part of the day trying to figure out where the ants are coming from so I can block up their hole. I traced them into the bedroom but lost them behind the bookcase which is too full and heavy to move. My significant other complained and said that I was on some crazy wild ant chase. I disagree. He thinks I’m nuts. I disagree. I complained to my mom. She said that I should do nothing and let the ants get into the Girl Scout cookies and then maybe I wouldn’t be the only one trying to find the hole. Part of me thinks that the ants would just be brushed off and the cookies eaten anyway. So maybe no one will ever help me find the hole. Or care that the ants are in the garbage. And the honey. And crawling on me in my sleep. Maybe I will just have to move that bookcase tomorrow. To find the hole. By myself.

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1 Response to Of Droughts and Ants

  1. Yvette Yasui says:

    Course I go through this very same exercise every spring. In my case, I use the giant sized baking soda I buy from coatco and sprinkle it behind all my backsplashes (i know there is not supposed to be a BEHIND THE BACK SPLASH) and all over my window sills and all over the edges and ledges of all my counters and on the floors etc. etc. we live in a white powder mess for the whole ant season.

    Erik says, don’t fight them, they are just moving pieces of dirt. And dirt is good, it means your home is not so poisonous or full of chemicals that the living dirt wants to live here. In my kitchen. And in very un-buddhist like behaviour, I spray them with counter spray and wipe them up. Like I would if there was dirt on my kitchen counters.

    I know I am too concerned about dirt and things being clean. I am not obsessive about it, just overly concerned. No, that does not mean I am cleaning all the time. Just kvetching all the time.

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