So we have been in our new apartment for a little over a week. In that time I have managed to break the clasp on the rice cooker, clog the toilet and we had to have a plumber come and clear out the giant hairball that was backing up the shower stall. It has been nothing if not eventful. We are still not settled. There are still boxes and questions as to where we will put things. We need some furniture. Perhaps a couch and definitely a dresser and a desk. We need to hang shelves and art and pictures. I look at the mess sometimes a bit disheartened but I know that we will eventually make it all work.

I spent almost the entirety of last weekend cleaning out our old place. There are a few things I’ve learned from that experience, like I would not be able to make a living cleaning. And that next time I move I am going to hire someone to do it for me. It is tough work. I was exhausted and sore after putting in my cleaning hours. I also learned that you do not want to ever move your stove or your fridge. It is scary. Tomorrow afternoon is the final walkthrough and while part of me wants to breathe a sigh of relief, I know that I won’t until the property management company has returned all of the money that they have of mine which includes a full month’s rent for just 11 days. Supposedly to take the rent in its entirety and return the difference is considered a “business decision”. Believe me I checked, the landlord tenant code and called the hotline to verify. The only good thing is that the only money they are entitled to keep is the security deposit and not the difference in the rent. Even if we had trashed the place, which we haven’t.

Then the weekend before that, we moved. Moving is another back breaking, no fun activity. We had a truck but it was just the two of us for the most part. The only good thing was that we really don’t have a lot of stuff. The high point of my day was reassembling our bed frame. I will have to admit that it was only in two parts but for a while there I was unsure I would be able to do it.

Then the weekend and weeks before that we were packing and packing. So I am ready to not do very much this weekend. We dumped Kumon because my son finished fractions there and then failed every test on fractions at school. I see that as a waste of my money. We also dumped ukulele because, well, he is headed out of town shortly to hang with his grandmother in NY for quite some time. So I figured that I would just end it two weeks ago and I did.

I am longing for Saturday. I am thrilled that we have not a blessed thing to do. I think that we are going to take a hike in the morning. We may do some shopping to help clean up the clutter. I think that I will have to head to Chinatown at some point and pick up a new food to cook. It is for my moai at work on Monday. And it is so close that I can see it. That day off. It is like a long clean breath of air. And I am going to fill myself with it.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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  1. lavagal says:

    I moved 11 times in my first three years in Hawaii. I had a studio when I met and moved in with John. We lived in the Honolulu Tower condo for 10 years before we bought this house he grew up in from his parents. We moved when I was 8-months pregnant with Charlotte and Sophie was in a little exersaucer. What an ordeal. We moved it all to this house in the back of our Acura Integra hatchback. Left the sofa on the curb. In Chinatown. It killed me to drive away from it. I was missing a Little People stewardess figure. I thought for sure she was in that sofa.

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