Animal Thoughts

I was feeling out of sorts this morning. Our mail from our old place had been showing up at our new place with those yellow address forwarding stickers on it. Showing up for like a week. Then we hit a mail drought. No mail since Friday. Four days no mail. We kind of freaked. We figured that either the forwarding had stopped for some reason or someone was lifting it from our box. We are clearly conspiracy theorists. I almost bashed the phone receiver on my desk because the USPS automated system really puts you through the ringer before it gives you a live person. “I’m sorry, I did not hear that.” That’s because there is no conspiracy button. That would totally be cool. Press three if you’d like to report that Elvis has been taking your mail. I digress. I finally got a woman who took my information and gave me a case number. That’s how you know you are important, you get a case number. Then later on the Makiki post office called me to tell me that I should be happy that they are not forwarding all the junk. OK, they didn’t say that but she did tell me that I would get mail today. And I did. A Geico bill.

I gathered up my motivation at noon and headed out for a four mile run. I always run the same route. People ask how I can go at noon. Isn’t it hot? The way I see it, it’s just as hot as any other time so I figure, what difference does it make? So there I was, running the route, for the third time this week when I met Juan. Juan. No seriously. It is hard to make these things up. He was running and I happened to cross the street and join him. He was very chatty. Introduced himself. Shook my hand with his very sweaty one. Told me he was a paramedic with the City and County. He was around my age I’d guess. I’m not going to lie. It was a bit strange. I can’t quite say that he was hitting on me. I think not. Or maybe he was. My capacity for judging these thing is pretty much off. Nice as he was, I don’t think he was my type. Maybe if he had been a strapping red-haired Scotsman wearing a kilt…..yes, I’m on a bit of an Outlander kick at the moment. No, Juan was just a guy. A sweaty guy I met on my run today. Parting ways and I wondered, was Juan a mirage? Did my brain make up Juan to provide me with a bit of conversation to take my mind off of the missing mail? Again, the sweaty factor makes me think no.

Funny thing is, just a week or so ago, while I was running, in very close to the same place, a truck drove by and the driver called out. At first I wasn’t sure who it was. But the first thought in my mind was that, “hey, he is kind of cute”. I kid you not. Turns out, it was my actual significant other. The one I live with. The father of my child. The one I see every day. He was off. We had good timing. I thought about that today. About how my turned off running mind, had that thought with no thought. That attractiveness thought. All by itself. I didn’t have that thought with Juan today. That would have made the story spicier right? But Juan is not real. And Keanu is. And my running on auto brain knows it. Even if sometimes I don’t.

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1 Response to Animal Thoughts

  1. Yvette Yasui says:

    Truthiness of the heart.
    ps: A trick I have learned about calling USPS is to just look up the number of a local post office, you usually get a Real Person and even if it’s not the correct post office, they can often give you the number to the post office you are seeking. I have done this countless times as a retailer looking for “lost” shipments that customers were complaining about.
    Glad you got your, ahem, mail.

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