For the Love of Shoes

I have wide feet. This is what happens when you have wide feet and you go shoe shopping. You walk into say, Macy’s. Their shoe section stretches out in front of you, acres of cute, high and colorful shoes. It is spectacular. You pick up a pair and they look suspiciously narrow. You try it on and can basically squeeze in your big toe and that’s about it. So then you ask one of the hovering salespeople if they have anything in a wide width and you are directed to the shoe wasteland way at the other end. I don’t feel the need to disparage any of the brands in that area of the store since I own some. Generally speaking though, they are black. They are not in fun colors. They have low heels if any. They sometimes have Velcro. Sometimes these brands try to be cool. I appreciate that. I own some of these attempts.


If I am not being depressed at the mall shoe section, I can be found on Zappo’s where the wide width section is abundant. I even own a pretty comfortable pair of high heels (high for me) that is cute and came in a comfy width. Thing is that, I always feel like I am settling when it comes to shoes. I never get to select from the entirety of the selection. And yes, I know that folks with small feet have the same kind of problem and folks with bigger feet do as well. I acknowledge that I am not alone.


But there I was, this weekend, at the mall where the Fourth of July sales were in full swing. We walked through a major department store’s shoe section on our way out into the fray. I looked at some 15% off shoes and felt like they kind of fit and they were pretty reasonable. So after trolling through the mall, we headed back. I planted my significant other on a couch and headed out to pick out some shoes to try on. A very friendly local girl ended up chatting with me and she brought out the shoes I requested plus a couple of suggestions. I had told her of the wide problem. She confided back that she wore a size eleven.


While I waited for her to bring shoes to me, I happened to look up and (cue angelic music) saw a fabulous pair of shoes. They were a strappy green wedge. And on a whim, I tried them on. And shockingly, they fit. They did not only fit, they were comfortable. I was in love. It was a feeling that I never have with shoes. I buy shoes because I can’t wear my slippers to work. I buy shoes because they have to be black, or flat or, tan. Not because they are cute. Or because I like them. I was having a moment. And then there was the price. They were outside of my price point for shoes (which is in reality is around forty dollars) but I felt like I could not not buy them. I knew that if I didn’t, I would regret it. I would think about them and think about them until I finally went back to actually get them.


So I just did it. Bought the cute green strappy shoes along with a salesgirl recommended wacky, flat, oddly smelling pair of jelly shoes. And then at the register the cute-I-love-you-shoes rang up for sixty dollars, actually cheaper than the other pair. It was like winning the lottery. I wondered if the salesgirl had played me. Did she know that they were on sale? And then I decided that I did not even care. I had that shoe love moment, one that I never get to have. So the fact that it came on sale, was just a bonus. And I wore them as soon as I got home yesterday, while I did my housework.

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  1. lavagal says:

    Well, gee! Let’s see ’em!

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