Back Where We Belong

We leave to go and fetch our son from NY this week. I marvel at how long we have been without him. I remember our trepidation as we took him and my friend Annie, his traveling companion, to the airport. We were very nervous during the traveling times and were so happy when we received pictures of the JFK meetup with my NY family.

And then we started having this life. This weird temporary child free life. For some reason, I had thought that I would begin staying at work all the time. That since I didn’t have to come home and cook dinner, that I would just work late every night. I would get every large project that was lingering at the bottom of the list done. But it was just the opposite. Instead I joined a two night a week boot camp group and every Thursday I would go walking with LKY around Ala Moana Park before partaking in Taco Bell Thursday (it’s a thing). I blocked off time during my day for running and I joined my soon to be married co-worker for her bridal workouts at the fitness center at work. After all of this working out, you’d think I’d have lost ten pounds. Unfortunately, due to all the drinking and my lack of cooking which led to too much eating out, my weight remained pretty static.

And while I have drank too much over the past few months and eaten on the wild side, I’ve done good things too like hiking on Saturday mornings with one of the boot camp gals (Gigi). She somehow continues to talk us into getting up and being at her house by 7:00 a.m. every Saturday. We hate getting up. We complain and moan but when we are done with our hike and it is before 10:00 a.m. we are loving it. She thinks like a lobbyist because she always exacts our commitment to go the following week when we are in the warm hiking afterglow. That feeling you get from just being outside, walking around and trying not to fall in the mud or break any bones.

One of the best parts of all of our adventures has been the camaraderie we have with the women who participate with and run the Try Fitness boot camp. LKY has become almost like a mascot to the group and has even earned himself a nickname. This was based on a comment he made to Coach Suz when she asked him if we had looked like we were getting a good workout out in the lagoon as he watched us from the beach. His response, “you guys just looked like you were drifting around.” So now water workout is “drifting” and he is “the drifter”. And of course, boot camp would not be boot camp without Coach KC’s workouts, encouragement and good-natured chiding (especially about eating fruit). We really feel blessed to have come to know these women.

But, the kid is coming home. And our lives right now are not our real lives. So when I am asked to do something or go somewhere or commit to something. I can’t. I have yet to determine how, or if, the new fake life can work with my real life. I figure I can make parts of it come together but I just don’t know how yet. So for now, we are in vacation mode and plan on figuring it all out when we return.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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1 Response to Back Where We Belong

  1. Dave Gahan says:

    It is amazing how we put out lives on hold for 18 years while taking care of our children, but given a choice, we wouldn’t change a thing. You are blessed.

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