Work has been rough lately. I just have more responsibility at the present time. There is a lot going on. And many people seem to be depending on me. I’m pretty much OK with it. But by the time Thursday rolls around, I’m feeling pretty spent. Like it is all sucked out of me. Down to the marrow. That is today. It also doesn’t help if I do not get out of the office at all. When this happens, by the time I get home I feel like I really need to get outdoors. Lately I feel like this a lot if I have been inside for too much of the day. This is exactly how my mom is. She can’t bear the NY winters mostly because she hates being inside so much. It drives her bonkers.

Maybe because I’m older now but lately I’ve begun to feel the same way. Maybe it is just the cumulative years of sitting about inside an office that are catching up with me. Maybe it is because we moved two blocks. Two blocks further from the freeway and closer to the mountains. And just those two blocks make me want to go out in our neighborhood more than before. It is totally psychological. The air seems cleaner. The neighbors quieter. The waking routes not as ghetto. What can I say? This is how I feel.

Tonight I got home and knew that I had to get out. A boot camp friend of mine introduced me to a two mile loop that heads up into the mountain behind our neighborhood. It is a good ways up and if I walk steadily I work up a sweat and feel like I am getting at least a little work out. I generally don’t like walking. It is too slow. And takes too long. But I like this route. Being up on the mountain offers beautiful views of Diamondhead. And the ocean. It is very lovely. Maybe that is why I like this route, aside from the workout. It reminds me that I live in Hawaii. It is easy to forget sometimes.

People think of Hawaii and think, beaches, surfing, hula and grass shacks. While these things are a reality for many people here (well maybe less so the grass shacks), most of the people who live here are focused on living here. We are working and getting our kids to school. We are cooking dinner and cleaning our toilets. We are living our lives just like any place else. And that is kind of sad since we are in a place of great beauty with a unique culture. It is easy to forget that. So my walk, this new walk, reminds me. Reminds me that I live in a place of volcanoes, oceans and mountains. And this remembering helps me forget all the inside stuff. And for that, I am grateful.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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  1. Florence Olson says:

    As you get older, Kim, you really feel the need to experience the outdoors. Happy you find a way to regenerate yourself in nature. Enjoy the process of just living the best you can in your beautiful island.

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