As far as I am concerned, the holiday season is officially over (in other words, New Year’s, whatever). Thing is, my son’s birthday is exactly one week before Christmas. Because of this, it is difficult for me to begin Christmas preparations, like buying a tree, until the birthday stuff is done. That then leaves me with one week to do all I have to do for Christmas. So when that is over, I am pretty much done. The eating too much bad food, the not exercising, the lying about and the spending of money that I don’t really have. It is easy to be finished with the holiday season as soon as Christmas is over since I have always held a special loathing for New Year’s Eve. I actually think that this is pretty common for women of a certain age (mine). Women who grew up watching When Harry Met Sally. That last scene when Billy Crystal realizes that Meg Ryan is his true love. Of course it’s New Year’s Eve and, not being able to get a cab, runs to her side for the countdown to midnight. And he gets there, all out of breath and tells her that he loves her and then they are kissing. A completely and utterly unattainable bar set for this holiday. Hollywood promises of holding hands and skipping off through a field of daisies. The reality has always been much more banal. Filled with excessive drinking which sometimes culminated in kissing a random waiter at midnight so that there was kissing (this has happened). So New Year’s, I would like to pretend that it doesn’t even happen.

My significant other’s family hosts a large gathering every New Year’s. Before the ban, there were displays of fireworks on the basketball court in the park. These days, not so much. I have been attending this gathering for many years. Back when my son was small he was terrified of the loud noises from the fireworks and we were often forced to beat an early retreat back into town where sometimes it was better and sometimes it was worse. These days he loves to be “down the park” running around with all of his cousins just like his dad did when he was the same age. It is nice for him. Ultimately though, I usually am ready to head home earlier than the rest of my family. And then no one is really happy.

So this New Year’s I will probably be curled up in bed, sleeping well before midnight. The thought of this makes me happy. I will miss my family for sure and the madness of the giant down the park gathering but this set up will give everyone in my family what they want on New Year’s. And it is OK that it is not the same thing because we will start off 2015 in a happy place. And really, what more could you want?

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