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Yesterday I had my second ever colonoscopy. I am young for one, much less two, of these procedures. But when you have symptoms, they like you to get one. So yesterday was my second. Now, I am here to tell … Continue reading

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You are Wrong

What if the person in the world, the person with your face and your life, is not the person that the you inside you thinks they are. What if the outside person and the inside person are at odds. Like … Continue reading

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Outrageous Brownies

I made Ina Garten’s brownie recipe over the weekend. I had seen her make this particular recipe on her television show (she is the Barefoot Contessa). I remember it because it had some instant coffee in it and that seemed … Continue reading

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Goals. I am not good with them. I generally do not have any. No long term ones. No short term ones. I struggle coming up with one to feed to my boot camp coach every week. Then in January I … Continue reading

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