Outrageous Brownies

I made Ina Garten’s brownie recipe over the weekend. I had seen her make this particular recipe on her television show (she is the Barefoot Contessa). I remember it because it had some instant coffee in it and that seemed like an intriguing and potentially very decadent ingredient. I don’t know why. It was actually the least decadent of all the ingredients which included six eggs, a pound of chocolate chips, some unsweetened chocolate and a pound of butter (that would be four sticks if you weren’t sure). I had to jerry-rig a double boiler to melt the butter and chocolate and that was a pretty successful endeavor. Once baked the entire pan had to be refrigerated prior to cutting. They are like gold bars in my fridge. They are seriously dense and are every bit as rich as you think that they might be. When I tasted the batter it seemed really salty to me but the finished product turned out pretty well. brownie madness

Funnily enough, no one in my house has eaten more than a crumb of one since I made them. So now I am trying to give them all away.

I had to do a really important presentation to a large group of people yesterday. I brought one with me intending to give it to the person who asked the most interesting or intuitive or probing question. I didn’t tell them that this action would potentially earn them a gold brick of brownie. And ultimately, there were few questions. None too interesting or probing so I ended up giving the treat to a very hardworking administrative assistant who was on the same floor as my meeting. I hope that she enjoyed it.

I actually really like to bake. Don’t like to cook but like to bake. Too bad it is not the opposite. And these days I seem to always be cooking but never baking. Maybe that is why I was baking this past weekend. Maybe it was an attempt to snap myself out of it because lately I just feel like I am in a rut. I have no patience. I can’t seem to catch up with work. I am snappy at home. I have mostly stopped cooking on the weekends so that weekday dinner nights are a crapshoot and I am scrambling to feed my son something that I would want to eat. Since finishing the 10K my motivation for working out is very low. And I keep eating from the container of brownie crumbles that were too cracked up to actually give to anyone. One small piece here and there. I am certain that the calculation in my fitness tracker for “homemade” brownies does not come close to the amount of calories in Ina’s recipe.

It has gotten so bad that I have jokingly said that the fifth grade East Coast Study Tour Field Trip I am going on with my son next month sounds like fun. It is going to be ten days on a bus with the entire fifth grade traveling from Virginia to Washington, D.C. to Pennsylvania to New York to Boston. We will be visiting many, many sites. As parent chaperones, we were forced to sign a piece of paper that said that we would not drink. Which is sort of tortuous and kind of a bummer. I will be forcing my NY family to come and meet us in NYC for one of our days. That will be fun. I am hopeful that this upcoming trip will be just what I need. I have to admit that I have a drinking night planned for Saturday involving a punch bowl that requires a minimum of four people just to order. Maybe that is to get ahead of the ten days dry on a bus. Wasn’t that the title of a movie? Anyway, here’s to rocking the boat in an attempt to shake off the dust and try to remember that just waking up is a reason to be thankful.

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