You are Wrong

What if the person in the world, the person with your face and your life, is not the person that the you inside you thinks they are. What if the outside person and the inside person are at odds. Like one of those giant jawbreakers that is speckly colored and white outside but way, way down inside, there is this tiny bit of completely hidden and different color. So deep that no one sees it. That is me. That hidden away bit. You think you know but you are wrong. split-in-two-jawbreaker

Recently I managed to drop a few pounds. It took a while. Like over six months. Apparently it is enough weight for people to notice. For people to comment. Positively. The whole thing makes me uncomfortable. Because I don’t see what they see. The green sweatpants which used to be the only pants that fit me are now so big that I can’t really wear them without them falling off of my body. But when I look in the mirror I see that same snug green sweatpants wearing person. It doesn’t matter what you see. I am not thin. I am the pudgy one. I could never be the thin girl.

I have been a runner for a long time. I have run fast. I have run slow. I have trotted and I have jogged. I started taking a boot camp class last summer when my son was with my mom in NY. I got stronger. I can do push-ups. I swing a kettle bell. People look at me and think that I am athletic. An actual athlete. But I am not what they think. I am the girl who hid in the back of the line in gym class. The one in the far outfield where the ball never came. I am the one who could never do a cartwheel. The one who only pretended to have had a turn doing gymnastics. Still hiding. I could never be the athlete.

Sometimes I do presentations in front of large groups of people. The topics are generally not very exciting but I try my best. When I am public speaking, I try to be relaxed. I try to not be too nervous. People think that I am outgoing and like to stand in front of people and talk. They say that I am good at it. But I am not what they think. I am the one who is constantly second guessing. The one who is afraid to not know the answer. I could never be the one who knows the answers. I could never be the professional.

This is why compliments are difficult to accept. Because they are not about me. They are about someone else. The shiny hard outside. I realize that this sounds off. Wrong. Potentially demented. But it is what it is.

The one part that I know is me, I think, is that I am a mother. And maybe because although he is part of me, he is separate. I can see him functioning outside of myself. I can see that other people find him as witty and wonderful to be around as I do. I can’t deny that. It can’t be denied when it is right there. I wonder why it is so easy to deny all the rest. The rest that is actually me too.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to You are Wrong

  1. pdxfunnygirl says:

    The thing most people don’t see in others are the multidimensions. Not a single one of us are entirely one part. I feel the same way when people call me kind and nice when all I see is selfish and quite frankly, a bitch. Just take it in strides and realize while people may not understand the “whole” you, they are definitely seeing you. Sometimes it’s just you who doesn’t see you. You know what I mean? LoL Its something to think about at least. 🙂

  2. lavagal says:

    Are you a g*ddamn Catholic? Because I think you’re a g*ddamn Catholic. I’m a recovering Catholic, I’ll never be completely healed. I recognize the symptoms: The inability to take compliments, refusal to take credit for your successes, a need to acknowledge the skinny chick in the mirror, to realize that there has to be some there there to keep the confidence pump pumping because a façade would only crumble at the least convenient moment, letting your psyche treat you worse than anyone you would ever permit to treat you. Here’s the thing: If you cannot own what freakin’ goodness you’ve brought to our world, then you kind of miss the mark in honoring what you were made to do. Turn off the negative pipe and give a listen to the angels who cannot get over your awesomeness. And a few of us earthlings, too.

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