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I started working from home. It has been a weird experience so far (full confession, it’s only been two days). I was afraid for my productivity. My boss is afraid for my sanity and personal hygiene. It is very strange how the introduction of a desk, a place dedicated to work, in my apartment has really helped me to stay focused during the day. So far I enjoy being home. There is way more natural light. It is much quieter (generally speaking, unless loud sports guy upstairs is home. I swear he must yell directly out of his window whenever he is having a conversation. I can’t understand the setup of his place given that sound dynamic.)

The two things that I was most concerned about working from home were eating throughout the entire day and other distractions within my place. Neither of these have yet to pan out. To ensure that I am not eating constantly, I have continued to get up in the morning and make my lunch and make my son’s lunch. If I do that, then that is what I eat for lunch. That has been working out for me. I did put the TV on while I was eating my lunch the other day and I could see where this could be problematic. This is because one of the channels has back to back Grey’s Anatomy reruns on. They are so old. Izzy and George are still around. And they are living with Meredith. Burke and Yang are still a thing. Bailey is pregnant. And Derrick is not dead and in fact is still being referred to as McDreamy. The good old days. It is very, very easy to get sucked into those story lines. Like running into an old lover. The complications so complete and comforting. Like wrapping yourself in a snuggly blanket. The first day at home I put on Grey’s and then I realized that once it is on, it is very difficult to turn off. So I think a work at home rule is no Grey’s. Not even for ten minutes. Because it sucks you in. Entangles you. I can’t be entangled while working from home.

The one thing that I have noticed is that I am very conscientious to not be unproductive. The funny thing is, is that when physically in the office, there is practically no one who is working all the time. There are glimpses at the news. Maybe a peek at Facebook. Or maybe a visit to a co-worker. An email to a spouse or child. Or a conversation in the hallway. And these things are not really considered to not be work because they are still being done in the office. Yes, I may be looking at the news but I am at my desk. I am in the building. I am on company time. That part of the equation, the being part, is removed when working from home. And I find myself worried about how many times I am in the bathroom. Or if it is OK to not sit at my desk to eat my late afternoon snack of a hard-boiled egg (I do like that there is no one to sit in judgement of what, I’m certain, folks previously around me thought to be a crazy diet. Of course, it is likely that there was no judgement and I am just projecting. Eating giant pink grapefruit. Eggs. And for lunch, always a made at home salad. With the dressing meticulously measured out. Thank you very much. Always eaten at my desk. Why? So I could take my “break” from work, working out instead of eating. I would rather eat while working than give up the workout time. Again. Not like anyone I had been sitting near.)

The good thing about my new work desk at home is that it is in the corner. I face the wall so that all the potential distractions are not in view. They are there, but behind me. So I may hear the fridge turn on but I am not within reach of it. I would have to get up to access it. And I don’t do it.

I ended up in the office today at a hotel station. I did not like it. I wanted to be here. At home. Where all my stuff is. When I was having those thoughts I was thinking that maybe this would work out. It would be OK. I would be able to do what I need to do and not physically be in that building. We will see. It is all shiny and new. It may begin to rust. The wheels may fall off. I may stop showering and changing out of my pajamas. But for now, for today. I am all in. At home.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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2 Responses to Home Body

  1. @FreeRangeNan says:

    Consider scheduling brief breaks (eg: 10 minutes every hour). Get up, stretch, move around a bit, and especially look at something distant (preferably pleasant). Not good to spend hours staring at a screen or wall! There’s software to help remind you. Long term it helps productivity. Good luck!

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