My son is now in middle school. We discovered tonight that he actually might have BO. He actually may need me to pick him up some deodorant. He has expressed an interest in Old Spice. How did this happen? But I digress. Middle school. It involves a lot more effort for my child to stay on top of things. And well, he started out seemingly OK but dropped the ball about a quarter of the way through this trimester and we are still having issues picking that ball up. He forgets to do assignments. Or at least he tells me that he forgot. Or, he actually does them and then forgets to hand them in. That seems worse to me in some way, except for the lying. I really don’t like the lying. To me, that is just unacceptable. I threaten that when he is a teenager and wants to do stuff, I won’t be able to let him because I won’t be able to trust him.

Anyway, middle school, today was not good. The school online grading system told me, and sent me an alert via email, that my son had failed his spelling and vocabulary test. He had told me that he had it. He had told me that he thought he had done well. I was out of my head. I started writing him an email. Taking away all screen time. Telling him that we were going to study vocabulary all week for this week’s test. And then, just like that, it was the F that never happened. It seems that the teacher may have inputted the grade for the review for the test and it somehow turned it into an F for the test. But then he did not get an F on the test. He got a B on the test. So, so, so much better than an F.

Of course shortly after that I received an email saying that he had received a D on some online work that was due. And maybe after the short lived F shock, the D seemed tame by comparison. I had checked the system and that work was not listed anywhere as being due. It was like secret work. I had no idea. I’m sure that it was written down somewhere. Someplace. And he had just forgotten. I can’t hold it against him that much if I also did not even know that it was due. Because of the not knowing, my great idea for the day was to pick him up a planner. A good old fashioned paper calendar type planner. We would go through all of his due work and write it all out. Those standing assignments that are forgotten? They will be in the planner. So we will always know. I was going to get a largeish one so that we could write big. We write big.

I ran to Office Depot after my boot camp class tonight. I have to admit that I can’t remember the last time that I was in there. I like Fisher Hawaii way better but I thought that it might be too late for them. I got to Office Depot and went inside and the first thing that struck me was that it was huge and empty. It was so bizarre. I know that eventually, soon maybe, they will be clearing out to make way for a new Whole Foods (woo hoo!) so maybe that is why the place seemed cavernous. Like they could have used about a quarter of the floor space for the amount of things that they were selling. So odd. I walked around till I found the planner section. And they had a bunch and it was great. Unfortunately, they were all for 2016. I know, it’s October. I know, it’s almost next year. But, know what? It’s not 2016 yet. And I don’t want to wait till next year to be organized. I want to be organized now. Apparently, that is not an option. Apparently, per Office Depot, at this time of the year, looking ahead to the new year, is the only option. I actually could not even believe it. I went and asked a guy in a red shirt who was opening packages of water. He confirmed. They had cleared out 2015. It’s sort of like stores putting out the Christmas stuff now but in reverse. Although the concept is the same. It is the rushing through. It is the failure to live in the moment. It is the need to get to the next thing. I am tired of that. It seems very rat race-ish. I want to take a breath and have it be today not 2016. But today is not possible at Office Depot. Only next year is possible.

Since 2015 is a no buy zone when it comes to planners, we have decided that we are going to make our own planner for the next three months. We don’t need to buy one. Maybe we will get a fancy 2016 one after that. Or maybe not. Maybe we will just do it ourselves, in that moment, an arts and crafts-like project to just be this year. And not next. We are going to stay in October till after Halloween. And then we are going to do Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, in November. And then, we can think about the other stuff. It is all going by too quickly. I’m not ready to buy Old Spice. I know that I have no choice about that. So we are going to slow it down. Be in the moment. Because soon, I fear, I will be forking over my car keys. Taking a breath. It’s only deodorant today. And it’s still today.

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