Strange Days

If I were a sort of superstitious person, I might think that 2016 was out to get me. It has been a very interesting two months so far. There has been a trip to the ER in the middle of the night when I was experiencing heart palpitations. Those are the two magic words in the ER. You walk in and say you are having heart palpitations and you go to the front of the line. Do not pass go. Of course, once you get in and they figure out that you are actually fine, then you spend hours waiting for stuff to happen. But, compared to the alternative this is a much better outcome. I drove myself to the Women and Children’s Hospital which is very close to my house. When I was being discharged late into the evening, they basically told me that they loved me but that if I was having heart issues, that I should go to a hospital that had better capabilities to treat me. Like a different one. I know that this is the case because in the first room that I was in, the elderly woman on the other side of my curtain had this happen to her. She had to have a CAT scan and then it was sent to someplace on the mainland to be read. They were waiting for the results. She was cold and tired. Her psychiatrist son kept telling her to go to sleep but she did not want to. She kept asking him if he was cold. It turned out that she had a blocked esophagus which was causing pain. They were going to have to transfer her to another facility to be able to treat her. That would have been me if I had to go someplace else. But I didn’t. I was discharged without incident.

Then a day later, my son’s school called me to tell me that he had hurt his ankle. I can’t lie. I did not really believe he was that badly injured. A couple of evenings before at home, he had stubbed his toe and was on the ground writhing in pain and crying. This is why I had my doubts. But when I got there, the ankle was decidedly egg-like and he was very gimpy. I called the pediatrician and they fit us in. We got there and there was an examination, a trip down to admissions so that we could then get an x-ray of the ankle and finally to the PT department where they gave my son a training lesson on how to use crutches. And, I have to admit, those folks were great. They put this thick nylon belt on my son’s waist to hang on to him in case he slipped during the training. Up and down the hall. And up and down the stairs.

Right after this, we headed off to Los Angeles to totally geek out at the Gallifrey One convention. If you don’t know what that is, it is the biggest Doctor Who convention in the U.S. I may be exaggerating but it felt like that. I was with my people. Whovian I really embraced it on the second day, as you can tell from my lovely new TARDIS socks (I had the hat already). And I felt really good about myself. We had our pictures taken with Michelle Gomez, aka Missy, aka the Master. It was completely and totally awesome. We are very interested in attending next year but will have to see if we can get tickets. I am cautiously optimistic.

And we are into this week, and today in particular which included a mongoose sighting out of my back sliding glass door. It was scary and rat like and I did not like it. Then all the electricity went off. One minute, working away happily and the next, black screens. I was confused at first but then realized that all was off. Of course I tweeted to the electric company after calling to report. They let me knew crews were in the area. And then it was back. I had to run off to the office to have a meeting with someone who is generally unpleasant to meet with. It is what it is. Sometimes I have to do these things. This person, just comes across as condescending. My co-worker thinks it is because this person is shy. I find it hard to agree.

And we will be doing some deep cleaning of our place over the weekend to prepare for our two Japanese student visitors who will be with us next weekend. And my friend’s high school aged son will be tutoring my middle aged school son in math to help my son’s confidence. And we will be attending the hipster gathering at the museum tomorrow evening. And hope to engage in some silent disco. The one thing that I have to admit is that so far 2016 has been quite the year. And since I’m not that superstitious, I’m okay with that.

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