Panty Liner War

I infrequently go to the office. I work from home. It is great but I have had to go to the office many, many days this week. On one hand, it is good because I really like the people in my department.

There is a lot of renovation going on in our building and lots of moving about. Part of my department is on an old floor. The partitions are 1970s brown. Some are stained. The layout is not ideal. It is kind of icky. I have been squatting with my department. On the icky floor. I don’t mind so much. Right where we sit there is this weird set of bathrooms. They are oddly placed and if you did not know that they were there, you would likely not find them at all. This restroom still has a bunch of stalls. It is not creepy with just one or two or anything, just out of the way.

This week on one of the days that I was in the office, I happened to go into the first stall. There is a sign in that stall, which of course, I had to take a picture of especially after what happened today.Hey wahine

I feel like it may have been written by one of the folks who spends the days in our building straightening up and restocking the bathrooms. A thankless and kind of never ending job. This sign. This sign was just weird. And sort of inconceivable. And, I was wondering, is this real? Would someone repeatedly toss their used panty liner on the floor of the bathroom? And not just in the bathroom but in the same stall. Only the first stall has the sign. Just the first one. None of the others. The whole thing was just bizarre. And unbelievable.

Until today. Because today was the day, I happened to go into the first stall. The sign stall. And there, strewn carelessly in the corner on the floor was a used panty liner. I was shocked, appalled and mildly amused. But there it was. I wondered if the woman in the panty liner war with the cleaning staff just tossed it over her shoulder as she was sitting on the toilet. Into the corner. I wonder how long this has been going on. I wonder what kind of person does this. Even after the sign. To continue doing it despite the sign. Someone with a personal vendetta with the cleaning staff? Someone who gets a kick out of forcing people to clean up after them? Maybe makes them feel better about themselves? Maybe a little more powerful? I really couldn’t say.

Many times, when I write my blog, these ordinary things, the things that happen in my day, remind me of something bigger. They tell me a story. They make me feel a certain way. I was not sure if this story was the same. If this held the same value. But maybe it does in that it seems to demonstrate, just a lack of respect for someone. For another person. Just trying to do their job. Just trying to get by. Like stepping on that person, just because you can. It seems that there is a lot of stepping going on these days. And it is not pretty to see. In the bathroom or in the spotlight for all the world to see. So maybe the story is just that we can do better. And we should.

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1 Response to Panty Liner War

  1. An old friend says:

    Oh my God, that is so disgusting! I cannot believe a sign like this is necessary, but there is the proof on the floor. yuck!

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