Rainy Day Observations

I cooked today. I have not cooked in a while. Truth be told, I haven’t been feeling myself. And I haven’t really wanted to. My mom would always comment to me how I must like cooking but I would always tell her that I really had no choice. That if I did not cook, that my family would starve. This is sort of untrue. There are so many things that you can make for dinner that actually involve no cooking. Just heating up. Or baking. Or putting in the microwave. That is what I have been doing for a while. Not cooking. Feeding my family but not cooking.


That changed today. I asked my son what he wanted to make. He was too interested in his phone so I picked a recipe that I like. A NY Times one with orzo pasta and chick peas. Easy and yummy. And then I decided to make this Jamie Oliver recipe that calls for chorizo (See this dish cooked, sort of, and talked about here – around 2:29). Luckily there is a vegetarian version that works pretty well instead of the meaty kind. The last time I tried to buy it the only place that I know sells it, was out. So I was out of luck. I scored today and threw together that recipe. And then, the bananas in the freezer. Right now banana bread is in the oven. It is an overcast day in Honolulu but it is hot like anything (son just turned on fan). So perhaps baking was not the best choice.


This morning was full of errands and we ended up splitting up. Our family. Significant other took son to tutoring. I went food shopping. After dropping off our son, he went across the street to get something to drink at the 7-11. He got out of his car and lo and behold, the person who had verbally accosted me last week was sitting outside asking people for food. Significant other had really felt angry towards this guy. I was nervous that he might assault him the day of the encounter. He told the guy that he would not give him food. He went in and when he came out someone had given the guy a manapua. He got back to his car and the bags for the homeless that we had picked up from church were in the back seat. And then, there he was, handing verbal assault guy a bag with snacks and toiletries in it. It was a shocking story and completely unexpected. I am proud of significant other. I am glad that he was able to set aside his anger at this guy to do something nice for him.


This was probably happening when I was at Safeway today. The Safeway is designed with the parking on the ground level so that you have to take an escalator, elevator or the stairs to the store. I had been there yesterday and the escalator was broken and I could tell as I approached the entrance that it was still not working. There were signs up on the door and inside. There was a woman walking ahead of me towards the store. She was a bit overweight. And I figured that she did not yet know that the escalator was not working. I found myself hoping that she would see the dead escalator and rather than walking over to take the elevator up, that she would maybe take a deep breath at the bottom, look up and walk up those stairs. I figured that she would be slow and I would be stuck behind her but maybe I could cheer her on if she was feeling winded. Or needed a break. I tell this story to my son. He thinks that I am weird. But then the woman entered the foyer, saw the signs and turned for the elevator. No thought or consideration to take the stairs at all. And it made me kind of sad. Sad that she didn’t think she could do it. Or didn’t even want to try to do it. And yes, she may have had a medical condition. She may have had a bum knee or a bad ankle. But I was ready. To encourage her.

I took the non-working escalator stairs. They are a pain. But I did it. I saw elevator woman pushing a cart around the store. I hope that one day she will decide to try the stairs. Even if it sucks. And even if she is slow. Even if she doesn’t think that she can do it. Because sometimes things that are completely unexpected and seem so far from reality, well, they are right thing to do. I’m for it. Even if my son thinks I’m weird.


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