I have embarked on this sort of odd endeavor. You know how the only mail that you ever get is junk. Or bills. And never anything real. From anyone. Ever? Well, I’ve taken it upon myself to single handedly fix that. If you are in my contacts in my phone that is.

I started doing this a while ago. And it definitely raises questions. Sometimes the question is, who exactly is this person? How did I know them? Sometimes I am really not sure of the answer. This happened to me today in the “E” section of my contacts. I had a vague recollection of this person but that was all. I googled around for him. I figured out that he was the friend of a couple that I was friends with who are no longer a couple. And I am no longer coupled with the person that I was with at the time. The internet is a useful tool when trying to ID people. He is a FB friend with the woman from that long-ago couple and I was able to track him down. I have to decide if sending him this random card from completely out of the blue is more stalking than doing something nice. I’m unsure. I have addressed the envelope and will have to consider it.

There are so many random individuals in my contact list. Some are people that I know from work. Some are people that I have known for years. One of my closest friend’s entire family is in there. Her husband and daughter will be receiving mail from me. They are all in the “D” section.

I sent a card to a retired co-worker who is on a mission in Mexico. To current co-workers who I see frequently. And some I see rarely. Sometimes I get responses from people who receive cards. Sometimes I don’t.

One co-worker provided me with a bunch of notecards. She gave me some she had kicking around her place and extras of a set that employees had been offered where I work. I am using them all. I have taken to buying interesting stamps. Right now, I have sharks and Disney villains.

I started out explaining why I was sending these people mail when I sent it. But then I stopped. I decided that it sounded like an excuse. And sort of insincere. So I don’t do that anymore. I have no idea what the people who receive these cards and I never hear from think about them. I do know that when I do hear from people, they are happily surprised and tend to like it.

Interestingly enough, in church the other day, our pastor gave a sermon talking about how, he is so appreciative when he receives anything that his handwritten. He said that there was something spiritual about putting pen to paper and writing down the things that come out of your head. I don’t know if I feel the same way about it but I do know that this small exercise has been interesting for me. To revisit my, sometimes, very distant past. To reconnect. To reach out. And to take some time to do something that is screenless. And maybe spiritual, depending on who you ask.

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