Holiday Discrepancies

My son is a week before Christmas baby. We try to keep it separate and I am really good at that, I think. He will be turning 13 in a week or so. A big birthday. He has dictated to us that we are watching Christmas movies leading up to the big day. He has definite scheduling opinions this year. We really wanted to start with “It’s a Wonderful Life” but it was unavailable to us for free or otherwise (set to record on the DVR later this week) so we rented the original “Miracle on 34th Street.” I really love this movie. I love when they bring the mail into the court room. I love when they go to the house at the end. I just love it.

My son had a decidedly different review of it. To put it bluntly, he was kind of angry at the end. I was like, what is going on? He told me that he thought that the girl was totally spoiled and did not deserve a house when she had a rich mom and a big apartment. I was kind of taken aback and a little irritated at first. And I tried to change his mind. But he was adamant. He asked why she got to have a house and what about the homeless kids who have nowhere to live. It was hard to argue with him. He said that he did not like the movie and that he was not planning on watching it again.

Now I wonder how he will feel about “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Will he find the storyline offensive in some way? I think about the story and I can’t think of anything that he may not approve of. I do find it amusing, our completely different takes on our first Christmas movie.

Aside from the fake holiday news of the movies, we have had some real life Santa action in our lives this week. Suffice to say that it involved a car that was going to be donated to charity and then the charity ended up being someone in my family. It is hard to express the amount of appreciation and love that I have for the person who did this. It was the biggest and most wonderful gesture of just taking care. Taking care of the people you love. The utmost of kindness in what seems to be an increasingly unkind world.

This and the fact that my people on the ground in NY are actively watching out for my mom. She is going through a rough patch and although I worry about her, I worry less because she is being taken care of. While moving work meetings and taking a long drive up island don’t seem like a big deal, they are actually pretty darn huge.

I am glad that the real life Christmas story in our lives is so much better than any that we could watch. Inarguably so.

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