Another Year


The holiday season is sort of officially over (although my son is out of school for the rest of this week). My family suffered through a bout of sickness for much of our time off. My son was officially diagnosed with the flu after being sick on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (yes, he had the shot). My significant other was also sick and seems to finally be recovering. We were supposed to go do family things on Christmas Eve but we couldn’t. We were supposed to go to midnight mass (I’d never been). But all of that fell through as I spent the day surrounding by vomiting and fever. I decided to escape the sick house and went to the 7:30 church service. The church was packed. And it was lovely. It was greened and not only were the candles on the pillars lit, but there were tea lights placed throughout the cathedral.

I sat alone in the last pew. And then, I was asked to bring the communion wafers up to the altar. Let’s just say that after being at home with the sickness all day, I was wearing jeans, slippers and a long sleeved t-shirt featuring Kona Brewing. And I was surrounded by churchgoers who were decked out in their holiday finery. The communion wafers were in this big koa bowl. And I could see in my mind, all the things that could go wrong. I pictured myself tripping up one of the one-two-three steps to the altar. Pictured me falling and all of the communion for the packed cathedral going flying in the air. It is the kind of thing that happens in your mind in slow motion. Thankfully, this did not happen. I performed my job as asked. And I was really glad that I had gone to that service. I felt fortified. I even sang a song or two (mostly because the songs were not only Christmassy but familiar (Joy to the World). And I went home and soldiered through the sickness with my family.

Christmas Day was not great. Yes, there was Chinese food (it’s a thing with us) but there was more vomiting. There was fever that would not seem to go away. But everyone rallied to go to the movies on Wednesday. I really wanted to see The Shape of Water. Not only did I really want to see it. I really wanted to love it. I am a tough critic. I don’t see movies much so when I do, I want it to be good. And this movie had great reviews. But I never love anything.

The theater we were in seemed to have suffered a bit of ceiling collapse due to the heavy rain the day before. My friend and I sat separately from my family. As soon as the movie started, I just knew that I would love it. It’s hard to explain it but this movie is the whole package. And it was like being dipped in wax. Just fully immersed. I worried about the full frontal female nudity. The sex scenes and violence. And how my son was reacting. He was sitting behind me. It turns out that he took the sex and nudity in stride but the violence was a little intense for him. I understood. It was a little intense for me. But it was such a lovely and wonderful romance.

I can report that my family seems to be mostly better. And I can also report that my two holiday respites were really wonderful. So different but both sort of serving the same purpose. And I can honestly say that I recommend both. Highly.

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