I realized today that the only things that I have been posting on Facebook lately are accounts of my awful running and digs against the current Administration. Today, I posted something about how the President’s son was telling Theresa May to not disregard the will of the people while the Republican led state of Florida was figuring out ways to not permit felons to vote, per the will of the people. And I posted that and wondered if this was a good use of my time. I wondered if I really needed Facebook and then looked into how to potentially just disengage from it. And guess what? There is a way to do that. And I think that I am going to do that.

With all of the dreadfulness in the world, I find myself backing away, getting further into my shell. I continue to feel horrified by the shooting in New Zealand. I worry about what my son is looking at online. I hear about the awfulness of algorithms that send you down a more and more extreme path from a content perspective. Anti-vaxxers. Men who hate women. And anyone who is not exactly like them. Groups who feel that women are too liberated and need to have more babies to ensure that white people remain the majority. That maybe they should not be able to vote any more. How is this the world that I live in? How is this okay? I read about how a woman whose son died of the flu was attacked online by anti-vaxxers. Her son died. Died.

And, no matter what you think, when the President feels that it is okay to disparage a war hero who died of brain cancer, it gives permission for anyone to just be awful. That and the internet. I still feel like most people would not say the things that they say online to someone’s face. But maybe that is not the case anymore.

I told a friend today that I was ready to create a commune and go live on it. This is very end-of-the-world-like and it does not really meet the needs of my current life with a teenager who is in high school and works at McDonalds. But maybe I can get closer to that commune-like existence by being less online and more in my life.

Today, I found out that a family that has suffered incredible tragedy recently is now facing more incredible tragedy. When I found out, I felt extremely nauseous and honestly do not know how they will be able to go on.  I know that they are people of faith. We are part of the same church. But this is beyond a test of faith. And I just don’t know. About anything.

This is rambly rambly and maybe the purpose is to just say that, if you notice that I am gone from FB, don’t be concerned. If you really like my blog and FB is your only access point, give it a subscribe, otherwise you may not hear from me. I just feel like I want to batten down the hatches and take my social media footprint with me. Don’t be alarmed. But maybe join in. If you really feel like you might miss me, try Instagram. It’s more pithy to me. Less serious. More cat pics. Less bullshit. Which is what I need right not. So, sayonara for now. For now.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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