Last night, I was reading a book. Curled up on the big leather chair. Trying to read and not get in bed before 7:00 p.m. It is harder than you think in these times of darkness and cold. Anyway, I got a couple of texts from my youngest cousin’s husband. It was not usual. I only really see him at family gatherings. We chat when together but that’s about it. 

After some nice texting bits, he asked if he could call me. Odd. But I said sure. The first thing that he said to me was that it was nothing bad. His dad passed away very recently. I had picked up a card (it is still on my kitchen table). I told him and he told me that it was the thought that counted and that I would see him in ten days to give it to him in person. 

He then told me he had heard that I was helping my mom out. Truth be told, I wish I could do more. Sometimes she is the sticking point to that. Sometimes it is me. 

A while ago my mom had been given a used set of hearing aids. It really made a difference in her life. She still uses them but I know that she is going to need a new set. I was hoping to see what new technology came on the market in 2020 but she was afraid that the ones she had were going to crap out. So was I.

Then he told me that his dad had just gotten a set of new hearing aids. That he had never really worn them. That they were pretty pricey. And then he offered to give them to my mom. He referred to my mom as Aunt Sue. He told me a story about how years back, he ran into my mom while they were both on a lunch break from work. He ended up paying for my mom and her co-worker’s lunch. He said after that she took more of a shine to him. The story made me laugh. I know that when my mom learns of this kindness she will be overwhelmed. And I understand because that is how I feel. So grateful. And so blessed. 

We had just gotten our Christmas tree so I was nestled next to it. And it was the first time I had some down to the core Christmas spirit. Hopefully it is just the start. Because it’s a really nice, nice feeling.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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  1. Florence Olson says:

    Your mom was always such a good person always looking to help others. I wish I could get Tony to go for hearing aids! We have some coverage for them, but he refuses, stubborn old man. Heather keeps saying he is missing half of life not being able to hear.

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