As everyone on the East Coast knows, the holiday season brings households full of sugar and fat. We are no different. I bought a giant plastic container for it all today (so no mice avail themselves of it). I don’t remember it being like this in Hawaii. Maybe the persistent sunshine and warm temperatures deter people from baking and loading up on sweets. All I can say is that over the holiday season (this is our second) I find myself puffing up. The jeans that, some time ago in Hawaii, were falling off of me, now only just fit, despite the fact that they have some stretch to them (forget about the corduroys). The only other pair of jeans that I had finally gave up the ghost with a large rip in an inconvenient place. Since we are on the precipice of the rest of winter, I knew that I had to give in and go and buy some new jeans.

I really wanted to wait until I perhaps lost a few pounds. I am engaging in dry January and intermittent fasting to help to get to a body shape that makes me happier. Dry January is not that bad for me although I had to forgo beer with my Taco Bell Thursday today. My eight hour fasting window today was between noon and eight. I have to say that I was half starved by the time noon came around. I may adjust to one hour earlier or so but it all worked out for me today.

My son and I went to Target and I got ready to have to buy jeans in a larger size. I hate that. I actually really like to shop at Costco when I am on the heavier side because their clothes all seem to be sized too big. This means that I can buy clothes in the size in my head instead of my actual size. I walked about Target and chose jeans mostly in the size in my head and not my actual size. I knew that this could be problematic. But I did it anyway. Imagine my shock and delight when I found out that almost all “jeans” today are very, very stretchy. I rarely wore jeans in Hawaii. It was always too hot for me. So I probably haven’t bought any in more than fifteen years. So the stretchy jeans in my size in my head fit my actual body. I am under no illusion that it is my actual size but it was great nonetheless. I am all for jeans made of very stretchy material.

My other shopping issue is that I have a 1980s price point in my head. I do not want to spend $50 on a pair of jeans. I do not want to spend $40 on a pair of jeans. I do not even want to spend $30 on a pair of jeans. In the clearance section of Target I found a section of jeans at 50% off or $13 each. That was the perfect price for me. The two pairs that I picked up that were not on sale (for about $27 each), I did not get. Although I told the girl at the checkout that I did not want them, she charged me for them anyway and I had to go to customer service to have them refund the money. It was not enough to burst my mood.

As we head into the dark days of winter (I did some research today and by the end of this month, the sun will be setting at 5:00 pm) I will continue to fast intermittently. I will continue to be dry. I will try to maintain a better workout schedule (more for my mental health than anything). And I will wear pants in the size in my head. Sometimes all it takes is a little stretch.

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