I Killed a Mouse

And I don’t mean that metaphorically.

We have mice. It is one of those things. We live on a farm. I can see a patch of woods from out the bedroom window. And the preserve is across the field. Critters are inevitable. Remember the bees? When we went home to Hawaii for the summer, the mice got into the food cabinet and had a field day chowing down on dried beans and oatmeal. I put out sticky traps and little plastic boxes with electric green cubes of poison in them.I think that the green traps worked and I was mouse free for about two months. 

Over the summer one very unlucky mouse got stuck and died on an abandoned sticky trap in the back closet. I didn’t know until it started to smell badly back there. But that seemed completely accidental.

Once the weather turned colder the outside animals look for a place to inside for the winter. And, mice again. I got more poison boxes. I picked up snap traps and what was marketed as an irresistible gel to be used to bait them. I kept thinking that I had a handle on them. But then behind the refrigerator or the litter box (I think schmoopie cat is friends with them) there would be mouse poo. Copious amounts of mouse poo. I bought plastic containers to put the dried beans in but they got into the tortillas over Christmas break.We steel wooled and duct taped the closet and there was still poo. I peeled the congealed gel out of the snap traps and baited them with peanut butter. Nothing. The other day I cleaned that out and tried some mozzarella cheese. Nope. Last night, I popped out the solidified cheese and replaced it with some feta. I thought that might be a good choice due to its stinkiness.

When I got up this morning, I checked the trap in the bathroom. At first I didn’t know what I was seeing. And then I realized that it was a dead mouse. In the trap. I was alternately happy and mortified. I waited a bit before deciding to take care of it. I had a couple of offers from folks to deal with it for me but I felt like if I was going to engage in these aggressive tactics then I should be responsible for clean up. I grabbed the mouse, trap and all, and took it out towards the woods. I opened the trap and mr. mouse fell out. Unfortunately there were mousy bits still stuck in the trap. It was definitely gross. But I dealt with it. 

And I reset the trap with more feta for tonight. I will admit that the mouse I caught was kind of cute but I also know that the mouse and all his friends are disease vectors. So while I do harbor some regret, I have to admit that I hope to catch them all. Honestly, the thought of them scurrying throughout our place is kind of disgusting. It definitely feels like a “be careful what you wish for” moment but facing the alternative, I think I will take it.

About nematomorph

Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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