I like a holiday. Especially one that does not really involve me having to do anything in particular like buying presents or cooking. Today was that kind of holiday. And while part of me felt that I should have done something to celebrate MLK Day specifically, I did not. What I did do is this….

I really should have gone for a run but it is like twenty degrees without the wind chill so that typically prevents me from getting out there. Instead I took two beginner yoga classes on the Peloton app with an instructor named Aditi. I like her classes but I think that they are very easy (the beginner ones anyway). How do I know this? Her classes do not make me curse like some of the others. My friend Joe says that cursing and yoga don’t really go together and while I know this, I truly can’t help it. But today, Aditi, so no cursing. 

My aunt called after I finished and was having a cup of tea. She told me that my uncle’s primary care physician had expanded with a new office close to her. They have a nurse practitioner whose primary focus is women’s health. She knew of my PCP’s failed pap smear (somehow she did not harvest enough cells to test) and thought maybe I should go check this woman out. And it turned out that they are having an open house next Saturday.She thought maybe I should go. She had information at her house and told me that I could swing by on my way out. So I did. They have two small white dogs. Snow is the smallest and she has lots of health issues. If she gets too excited she faints. I think that she uses this to her advantage by getting all worked up when people come over so that they pick her up. I fall for this every time. She managed to slip her tongue into my mouth which I did not particularly enjoy. I picked up the information on the NP & open house, containers of frozen chicken and turkey soup and a space heater. No complaints here.

Next stop was Joe’s. He has the Peloton bike. I still do not love it. I know that it is good for me to get some cardio in so I committed to getting on it. Joe told me the funniest story…..when his mom had been at his house with her little dog (earlier in the weekend) his cat had jumped on the dog’s back and rode him around the living room like a jockey. There is no video but his mom was a witness as well. The visual. When I stopped laughing I took a half hour interval class. I keep trying different instructors and formats trying to find one that I will love. It has not yet happened. But I did it. It was close to noon; time to break fast.

On to mom’s house for lunch. She always worries about what we are going to eat but honestly all I ever really want is a grilled cheese sandwich. She always makes them with that super gross cheese food slice cheese and garnishes them with bread and butter pickles. There is something that is so comforting about this entire meal. I love it. I also got one of her recently baked chocolate chip cookies. Despite the cold, she asked if I wanted to walk her loop with her. I said okay. At first I thought it was a mistake, I was only wearing sweatpants (don’t judge me) and the wind was going right through them. She said that once we got up to the main road that it would not be that bad. And of course she was right. As we walked past one house, she told me that an “elderly” woman with a cane lived there and she had offered to bring her mail in for her. I would point out that my mom is 77 and she is clearly not elderly.

Finally I stopped by Mary’s. I knew she was making marmalade when I got there because all of the kitchen windows and the door were steamed up. She had just had a slight boiling over accident which had stickiness all over the stove and the floor. She was still a little discombobulated when I got there. I took my usual seat at the kitchen table. I love watching her making jams and marmalade. I love all of the weird tools needed to sterilize the jar lids and get them out of the boiling water. In between all of the things that she had to do for herself, she found her air pump so I could reinflate my son’s bean bag chair and put some oats in a container so I could make apple crisp when I got home. She is the best.

Finally I came home. I made a pot of Thai curry using a can of curry that I had randomly purchased at H-Mart. And I made apple crisp. I threw in some walnuts and I think  that made all the difference. My son, from what I can tell, did not get dressed and had not left the house all day. We were total opposites today. And I think that I was the winner, being able to spend time with so many people that I love. So maybe in some small way I did celebrate MLK’s legacy just a little. Just a little.

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