So. Coronavirus. You would think that living out in the sticks, we would potentially experience less impact when it comes to the disease. That would be wrong. In Suffolk County, we are now the town with the largest number of confirmed cases. And, while I knew in my heart that things were really going to turn south (see panic buying post from two weeks ago), I don’t really think that I knew what that meant. And, that no matter what I bought, I was not, am not ready. 

We got close to the first confirmed diagnosis. A worker at the brewery. We had been there for a crawfish boil. It did not seem that anyone was sickened from that. Thank goodness. Then there was the guy’s friend. And someone from the fish market. Three people who work at the retirement community by my mom. Like dominoes. 

Then there was the talk of school closures. Sure enough we found out that my son’s school would be shut, in an abundance of caution (no confirmed cases), for just today, Friday and Monday. But today, we got the word that it will actually be shut for the entirety of next week. And that distance learning will start on Friday. The kids have been told what to do. Log in during a prescribed time to google classroom. They are supposed to show proof that they did something for PE class (that could be fun). 

Today I got an email that a volunteer at the Episcopal church by my mom’s who worked at a cooking class was confirmed. Both that church and ours (we share a pastor) will be closed from now until at least March 26th. I worry for our congregation. There are no spring chickens. One of our congregants just celebrated his 90th birthday.

Mom and I were supposed to go up island and get our hair cut tomorrow. Every time I pictured us there, with all those people (although, it could potentially be empty), it made me nervous. My mom, she is pretty healthy, but she is in the age range of people who are more apt to have a serious case of the virus. I just felt like I could not, in good faith, take her there. So I canceled. Today. They were very nice. I felt badly. 

And it is finally Friday. The weekend yawning in front of me but there is nothing to do. Nowhere to go. We are going to run and do some more grocery shopping since the teen will need to be fed lunch every day and I am already constantly hearing the “we have nothing to eat” refrain on the weekend. I don’t think that I could take it every day. I have heard rumors that aside from toilet paper, there is no meat to be had. I heard that all of the giant meat bins in Costco were empty. If that is not disturbing, I don’t know what is. But after shopping. There is nothing. Nothing to do. Really. Maybe I will make sauce. Or pick up my book club book. Or write. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. 

And there is an underlying buzz of fear. Everywhere. I went for a walk late in the afternoon. And passed a couple who were walking in the opposite direction. I kind of cut a wider berth around them then I would have ordinarily. And we warily said hello. And although I did not know them. I knew what was on their minds. Because it is the only thing on anyone’s mind. The only thing.

I look at Hawaii in friend’s posts on Instagram. My former home. And it all looks the same. Sunshine and happiness. And I wish that I had that here. Although I do know that at any moment, the same things that are happening here, could be happening there. That there is no place to go. No place to feel safe. And that is scary.

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Living like the rich and famous, splitting time between Hawaii and New York.
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