Dear Governor Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo,

Well, first of all, Happy Easter. I hope that you got to enjoy part of your day with your family. 

It is funny. A close friend and I watch your daily briefings (I tend to see more of them because he is frequently on calls for work) and we text throughout. Once I know when you are going on for the day, I text him to let me know. I was puttering around the kitchen this morning, getting ready to put a lasagna together, when he texted me that you were on News 12 Long Island. I was alarmed and thrown off. But it turned out that you were returning ventilators to a nursing home which had, unprompted, lent them from upstate to downstate NY. My friend texted me that if you started crying (because, we could hear the emotion in your voice and it seemed as if that could happen), he was going to lose it. Honestly, this is one of the things that we truly appreciate in your briefings, what feels like true emotion when you talk about certain things. It is one, but not the only reason, why people feel better after listening to you. We want to hear the truth, no matter how bad it is. We appreciate being treated like adults.

My son is 15 years old. He can be teen-trying sometimes. Today was one of those days. I ended up having a good scream at him that involved some serious cursing. It brought to mind your cabin fever slide. That was me today. I was that slide. All of the points, especially “prone to irrational outbursts”.  We were fine afterwards. Took a drive to see my mom. I have her on isolation. We were going to sit in her yard and chat, at an appropriate distance but the sun had disappeared. It was gray and damp. I stayed for as long as I could stand being outside. Tomorrow is my birthday. And well, there are no plans, as one in a pandemic would expect. I had been hoping to go see Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway with my son but that will have to wait. My mom said she had a present for me. I interrogated her to make sure she had not left the house to buy something. She said that she didn’t. I have a sneaking suspicion that she has given me a box of homemade chocolate chip cookies. And to be honest, to know that she is healthy enough to do that for me, is the best present that I could receive. 

You have been talking a lot about the antibody testing that may need to be done for things to return to “normal.” I had a conversation with another friend today because a couple of weeks prior to the first case being officially diagnosed out by us, my son and her entire house had been sick. It was an odd illness. My son ran a fever. He had cold like symptoms. But it was also like a stomach flu. We wonder if that perhaps wasn’t the virus. Maybe my son had it. Maybe he infected me but I was asymptomatic. But we don’t know. Imagine how great it would be to know? I could indiscriminately hug people. I could grocery shop without fear. I could relax a little around my mom. But we just don’t know. Maybe it is just wishful thinking. Without testing it does not matter.  

Please continue to take care of yourself. Don’t forget to take to heart all the things you admonish us to keep doing. Because, we need you.

See you tomorrow. 

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