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I did not make any resolutions for the new year. That being said, there is something that feels new on January first. The feeling that all of the wrongs can be righted. That that an incorrect path taken can be … Continue reading

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I Chafe Therefore I Am

  Today was the half marathon that I had registered for some time ago. It is called the Hapalua. And, if you are looking for a marathon experience but don’t want to actually run a marathon, this race is for … Continue reading

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A Good No

I went for a follow up visit to the gastroenterologist today. I had an endoscopy aka an esophagogastroduodenoscopy or EGD last week. I was having some GERD issues. Don’t know what that is? I feel like everyone I know has … Continue reading

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Running my Heart Out

It was a long weekend for us. We hosted two Japanese exchange students for the weekend. It seems so short and yet so long. We picked them up on Friday from school with our son. They stayed at our place … Continue reading

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I Knew a Girl Named Nikki

I have been running early in the morning lately. I truly, truly hate it. More than just about anything. Have I mentioned how comfy my bed is? I have the comfiest bed. And it is very difficult to leave in … Continue reading

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