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How Many Days?

  The other day Governor Cuomo (it may have been today) put how many days it has been since NY has been on pause. And it is not a lot. Like 51 or 53. But it feels like forever. The … Continue reading

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Mourning Obamacare

It has been a rough few months for me culminating in today, inauguration day. And I know there are plenty of folks out there that say that it is just sour grapes for me. That the guy who freely talked … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

I feel like my life is very much like the movie Groundhog Day. The one where Bill Murray keeps living the same day over and over. Except my repetitive life happens annually and not daily. While at times I appreciate … Continue reading

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Panty Liner War

I infrequently go to the office. I work from home. It is great but I have had to go to the office many, many days this week. On one hand, it is good because I really like the people in … Continue reading

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What Am I?

I have two very close friends in NY. One lives about a third of a mile from my mother. The other lives about two towns over. It is sometimes unclear how this really happened. Like East Marion, the town my … Continue reading

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Home Body

I started working from home. It has been a weird experience so far (full confession, it’s only been two days). I was afraid for my productivity. My boss is afraid for my sanity and personal hygiene. It is very strange … Continue reading

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