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Last night, I was reading a book. Curled up on the big leather chair. Trying to read and not get in bed before 7:00 p.m. It is harder than you think in these times of darkness and cold. Anyway, I … Continue reading

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The calendar says that it is spring. The grass is green like spring. The trees are blooming like spring (whoever said a “riot of color” really hit the nail on the head). The perennials have pushed up (truly amazing). The … Continue reading

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Love is All You Need

There are so many things that I could write about. There are more than one blog posts which I started but never finished. I could write about my dad unexpectedly passing away of a cardiac arrest while at a simple … Continue reading

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Losing my Religion

Religion in my house growing up went by the wayside once my parents got divorced. My dad is Catholic and my mom Protestant but not practicing. So while the marriage lasted, my dad tried to raise a couple of good … Continue reading

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Tonight we dragged the 7 year old out to pau hana at Restaurant Epic. It is not such a fun time for him but he was a trooper for the entire evening. A couple of hours in, I let him … Continue reading

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Slower Time

I love walking my son up to catch the school bus every day (as long as it is not pouring rain!) We live on a private road off the main road so the bus doesn’t come down our road. I … Continue reading

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Fear and Sadness

There are some things that I just haven’t written about that have happened over the summer. Things that are scary. Things that are sad. Things that, if you could erase your memory, maybe you would choose to wipe it out. … Continue reading

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