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I Am Not Married

Shocking, right, that title? Here I am, closer to 50 years old than 40, raising a child in a committed relationship that for all intents and purposes resembles a marriage except that it isn’t. For me, personally, this does not … Continue reading

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I have a strong personality. I want to be in charge. I always think that I am right. I blame it on my mother. She got divorced when I was around twelve, and had not worked since before she had … Continue reading

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Blessed Be

I am not a religious person. Before my parents divorced, my dad, a Catholic, made sure that I was receiving all the appropriate religious training. I went to religion class and was confirmed. My mom tried to continue the Catholicism … Continue reading

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Binding Ties

I am not married. Some people think that I am. I have been in a relationship now for over seven years. It seems that we may be close to the nine year mark (after a brief consultation.) We have lived … Continue reading

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