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I Could be the Doctor

I really like Doctor Who. I was introduced to the series with the 9th Doctor but my gateway episode, much like many others, was Blink. It is the quintessential episode that introduces scary monsters and clever plot lines. It also … Continue reading

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Jenny Boots

It has been quite the week. Yesterday the school called me. It was one of the two kinds of calls that you never want to receive from the school. The first is the one where they are calling to tell … Continue reading

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Social Me-dia

I like social media. I like Facebook. I like Twitter. I even am sort of on Instagram now. But lately I find myself randomly scrolling through my FB newsfeed. Really quickly. Really, really quickly. I am finding that there is … Continue reading

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I haven’t written about my hormonal condition in some time and it may be time to do so again. I am officially pre-menopausal and have been for a few years now (yikes, a few years?! And a bit of sidebar … Continue reading

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The Words

There are so many words inside of me right now. They are fast and slippery and hard to catch hold of. Or maybe they are fluttering and flapping, strewing feathers everywhere. Or maybe they are less frenetic and wilier, like … Continue reading

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