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The Dark

  Originally this post was going to be about the influx of bees into our apartment. I have a really great picture of the nest that they found when they sawed out part of the ceiling in the overhang that … Continue reading

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I had a conversation with one of my closest friends this morning. The morning of my 50th birthday. I think about moving back home. I want to be closer to my family. I want to be closer to my people. My … Continue reading

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Living in Hawaii for any length of time teaches you one lesson for sure, people leave. They leave for many reasons, including being told to by the military, for better jobs and opportunities, for a larger dating pool or because … Continue reading

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I Miss Borders

I used to work at Borders bookstore back in the day. It was a time in my life when I short on confidence and desperately needed work. I remember being taken into a backroom, talking to a manager and feeling … Continue reading

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Back Where We Belong

We leave to go and fetch our son from NY this week. I marvel at how long we have been without him. I remember our trepidation as we took him and my friend Annie, his traveling companion, to the airport. … Continue reading

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Structureless Summer

My son is now nine years old. Ever since he was three months old I have been entrusting his care to, well, basically strangers. It started with a lovely Nepalese woman who I handed him over to when he was … Continue reading

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Who Needs Robert Smith Anyway?

So, you may know that, as fate would have it, the one time potentially ever in the history of the world or at least in the history since I’ve been in Hawaii (near 15 years) The Cure is coming to … Continue reading

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The Play Date is Dead; Long Live the Play Date

My son will turn eight in December. He is having his first play date at our place today. Part of me feels guilty about this. Should I have been more proactive in this arena? Does this make me a bad … Continue reading

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Keeping in Touch

Today we spent the afternoon with a group of preschool alumni from the school my now 7 year old attended for his first structured school experience. On the last day of preschool, graduation day, we all sort of realized that … Continue reading

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When I was in NY, I was borderline unemployed. I worked at the marina for less than 40 hours a week. The hours were not regular hours either. Some evenings during prime boating season, the marina office was open till … Continue reading

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