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Move. Moved. Moving.

My son left for Japan earlier this week. It is the Japan study tour with his eighth grade class. He will be gone for almost two weeks. My only real fear is that he will lose all of his money, … Continue reading

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Running my Heart Out

It was a long weekend for us. We hosted two Japanese exchange students for the weekend. It seems so short and yet so long. We picked them up on Friday from school with our son. They stayed at our place … Continue reading

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Running Through the Cloud

I often run during lunch at work. Everyone asks if it is too hot. Sometimes it is. Like yesterday. But most times it is fine. I like to get out. To get away from the office for a bit. When … Continue reading

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End of the World

Today, Veteran’s Day, is my father’s birthday. The good thing about that is that it is really easy to remember. Despite that, it got to a point in the day where I just about forgot to make the call. My … Continue reading

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Relentless – (Apologies for Obfuscation)

I have lived in Hawaii a damn long time. I have never felt like some folks do when they move here. Like an outsider. I also wasn’t on the other end of the spectrum. I had never wanted to move … Continue reading

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I had a conversation with someone today and told him I was going away soon. He asked me where I was going and my answer was home. He was surprised at that answer. He said that he had been in … Continue reading

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I have worked many, many jobs in my time: fast food, commercial real estate office, fishing boat, health food store, drug store, greenhouse, bookstore, laboratory, canvassing (in Buffalo in the winter), temp jobs, and the Hawaii legislature. For some reason, … Continue reading

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Coming back from CA last week, Keanu came down with a stomach virus. Then my son caught it and missed his first day of school. We had a couple of days reprieve and then I came down with it as … Continue reading

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I’ve always believed that Hawaii tends to keep the folks that she wants to. The people who move here and have problems fitting in don’t make it. They are unable to acclimate; can’t deal with the weather; get island fever; … Continue reading

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Early Xmas

Today my mom asked a bunch of folks to come on over to her house for an early tree trimming since we will be leaving on Monday. Unfortunately almost everyone she invited had to bag out for some reason or … Continue reading

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