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Living in Hawaii for any length of time teaches you one lesson for sure, people leave. They leave for many reasons, including being told to by the military, for better jobs and opportunities, for a larger dating pool or because … Continue reading

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The Calling

Hawaii legislators recently passed a bill supporting marriage equality for same sex couples. The Governor signed the measure almost immediately after it was passed. I was supporting from the outskirts, I watched hours and hours of testimony and dragged my … Continue reading

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Why You Should Bon Dance

Sometimes I forget that my child attends a religious school. And the reason I forget is because the school is Buddhist and not Catholic (the religion I associate with religious school). I forget that he attends temple every week. That … Continue reading

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So after my stint in New York that involved a lot of low level & low pay work, loads of cooking, much running, lots of time with dogs and catching up on my reading; life in Hawaii is very, very … Continue reading

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