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For the Love of Love

So we sent my nine year old son off to spend the summer with my mother in New York almost three weeks ago. That day was super-duper stressful. He traveled with a close friend of mine to JFK and my … Continue reading

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Who Needs Robert Smith Anyway?

So, you may know that, as fate would have it, the one time potentially ever in the history of the world or at least in the history since I’ve been in Hawaii (near 15 years) The Cure is coming to … Continue reading

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What’s a Battle Without Missiles?

That is what my 8 year old son said to me after I asked him about why the nerf guns had to be on the floor in the living room. He totally loves the title of this blog post and … Continue reading

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More Electricity, Less Anxiety

My mom, sister and various other loved ones live on Long Island. That means that about a week ago they were in the midst of one of the worst storms ever to hit the area. Through Monday and on into … Continue reading

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Hair Don’t

I was thinking this afternoon the incongruity that exists in my life sometimes. Last night I headed over to the Kahala Mandarin (or whatever it is called now) to go see the best hairdresser on Oahu at Salon Reve. She … Continue reading

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First Days

After what felt like close to forever, my six year old son and I finally arrived back in Hawaii. Our flights back were exceedingly unpleasant (the usual dirty, crowded planes, turbulence and Keanu had a stomach virus that kicked in … Continue reading

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Rollin with My Homies

My significant other, Keanu, comes from a giant family. There are literally more than a dozen aunties and uncles when you add up both his mother’s and father’s siblings. It took me a really, really long time to get everyone’s … Continue reading

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