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That Time I Took a Poetry Class

Found The man was out of place He was wearing long pants in the heat Walking up and down the beach Looking He passed us once Looking And twice Looking Weaving in and out of the umbrellas and sandy children … Continue reading

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It was a day today. It started out poorly. My mom was calling at seven a.m. Much too early for her so I knew it would not be good. And it wasn’t. One of her dogs that had been at … Continue reading

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Too Much Love

My son has always wanted a dog. When we lived in Hawaii we were always in apartment buildings that did not allow pets. When we moved, my son asked if we could get a dog. I was reluctant. I knew … Continue reading

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So Far Sadness

Before I moved from Hawaii, I started attending church. It was not so much a faith thing for me but a trying to sort out life thing. I chose St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Partly because I had gone to a … Continue reading

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Mourning Obamacare

It has been a rough few months for me culminating in today, inauguration day. And I know there are plenty of folks out there that say that it is just sour grapes for me. That the guy who freely talked … Continue reading

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Living in Hawaii for any length of time teaches you one lesson for sure, people leave. They leave for many reasons, including being told to by the military, for better jobs and opportunities, for a larger dating pool or because … Continue reading

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Timey Wimey

Lately, I just feel done with Hawaii. Collective gasps can be heard from all the people who have dreamed of coming here. Dipping their toes in the blue, blue waters of Waikiki. Sipping Mai Tai’s at Duke’s. Lounging poolside. Viewing … Continue reading

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Over the summer, right before my family and I were about to head to the East Coast, I was feeling off kilter. Filled with anxiety. Forgetful. My symptoms would hang around for about a week and then go away. The … Continue reading

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End of the World

Today, Veteran’s Day, is my father’s birthday. The good thing about that is that it is really easy to remember. Despite that, it got to a point in the day where I just about forgot to make the call. My … Continue reading

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A Tiny Slice of Normal

A long time ago, eight years to be exact, my co-worker gifted me with a handmade baby futon. It was sweet and small, with green edges and a Japanese fish print center. I had just come back to work after … Continue reading

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