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And then there was Trump. Today we were listening to NPR on the drive home listening to some Colorado Congressman railing against President Obama’s plan to close Guantanamo Prison because then some of the prisoners would go to Colorado. He … Continue reading

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Back Where We Belong

We leave to go and fetch our son from NY this week. I marvel at how long we have been without him. I remember our trepidation as we took him and my friend Annie, his traveling companion, to the airport. … Continue reading

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The Calling

Hawaii legislators recently passed a bill supporting marriage equality for same sex couples. The Governor signed the measure almost immediately after it was passed. I was supporting from the outskirts, I watched hours and hours of testimony and dragged my … Continue reading

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A Tiny Slice of Normal

A long time ago, eight years to be exact, my co-worker gifted me with a handmade baby futon. It was sweet and small, with green edges and a Japanese fish print center. I had just come back to work after … Continue reading

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Taking Action

Our family just returned from visiting my mom in NY. While we were there, on two evenings, my son had, what I would like to call, a bit of an anxiety attack. He would start talking about going back to … Continue reading

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Relentless – (Apologies for Obfuscation)

I have lived in Hawaii a damn long time. I have never felt like some folks do when they move here. Like an outsider. I also wasn’t on the other end of the spectrum. I had never wanted to move … Continue reading

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Small Yellow Giraffes

A little over eight years ago, I was in the hospital after giving birth to my son via cesarean section (not on purpose). My family from New York was not there, neither for the birth nor afterwards when we took … Continue reading

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More Electricity, Less Anxiety

My mom, sister and various other loved ones live on Long Island. That means that about a week ago they were in the midst of one of the worst storms ever to hit the area. Through Monday and on into … Continue reading

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I have a strong personality. I want to be in charge. I always think that I am right. I blame it on my mother. She got divorced when I was around twelve, and had not worked since before she had … Continue reading

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At Odds

So around ten years ago, when I was considering taking the job I am at now, I wondered if I should. I wondered if I would be asked to promote views that I did not personally agree with; asked to … Continue reading

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