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My friend Mary is turning fifty years old today. I believe that it is quite a feat. And one that I hope to match next year. It is one of those birthdays that truly feel like a milestone but maybe … Continue reading

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Of Droughts and Ants

My blog has been so much more silent than usual since the new year. This is mostly due to the fact that my lovely Toshiba laptop bit the dust. It just won’t anymore. I took it to be diagnosed and … Continue reading

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Good Deeds Over Roses

Valentine’s Day, the scourge of the single. The day that drives men to purchase dozens of roses at outrageous prices. The day that pits co-worker against co-worker in the battle of the flower arrangements. I’m over it. I used to … Continue reading

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A while ago I was lamenting my lack of friends. Shortly after that post I read an article in the NY Times basically detailing why people over 30 have a harder time making new friends (since I am over 40 … Continue reading

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Love Unspoken

I was thinking about Mother’s Day today. I don’t know why today, days past the actual date. I was thinking about how grateful I am to the women in my life that have helped me along the way. This, of … Continue reading

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Hawaii Cuisine

One of the things I love about living in Hawaii is the availability of some of my favorite foods. I have to admit that prior to living in Thailand for a while I didn’t really do spicy. I come from … Continue reading

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Tonight we dragged the 7 year old out to pau hana at Restaurant Epic. It is not such a fun time for him but he was a trooper for the entire evening. A couple of hours in, I let him … Continue reading

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Taking it for Granted

For some reason yesterday I was thinking about the house that I lived in when I was in Thailand. It was the only time in my life that I lived in a house on my own. I loved my house. … Continue reading

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Ultimate Fail

Maybe it is the beginning of a new year but I start to reminisce and eventually things that are stored in the dark recesses of my brain emerge. These thoughts will come out of nowhere. They are mostly crumbly and … Continue reading

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Thank You for Not Smoking

Back in the day, well, maybe not so long ago, I was a smoker. No, nothing exotic like clove cigarettes or anything illegal, just plain old Marlboro Lights. Reds were too harsh, Camels too cool and menthol too much. I … Continue reading

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