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Worst One

So I confirmed the other day my dad has not passed away. He is not in a comatose state in a facility. As a matter of fact he was described to me as “doing pretty good.” I know that this … Continue reading

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Everyone knows that I am not the hypochondriac in my relationship. Unless of course I am. Maybe it is just normal if you are not a medical professional to get on the internet and self-diagnose with the worst possible affliction … Continue reading

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You know when you see those people on a show like Law & Order and they kill someone because they are mentally ill and have gone off their medications. And they went off of them because they were feeling fine. … Continue reading

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Over the summer, right before my family and I were about to head to the East Coast, I was feeling off kilter. Filled with anxiety. Forgetful. My symptoms would hang around for about a week and then go away. The … Continue reading

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Sometimes when you are falling it is like you are flying. For a very brief moment. Until you hit the ground. Usually you have no time to enjoy the feeling that you may be flying due to the hitting the … Continue reading

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A Better Letter

My son started fourth grade this year and it has been a bit of a rough transition for us. It feels like we have exited the warm and nurturing environment of grades past into the rough and tumble, yes you … Continue reading

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Taking Action

Our family just returned from visiting my mom in NY. While we were there, on two evenings, my son had, what I would like to call, a bit of an anxiety attack. He would start talking about going back to … Continue reading

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Bikini Body

Today when we were down in Waikiki to pick our son up from his snooze at the zoo, I ran into a fellow co-worker. He was out walking his dog wearing a pair of shorts and slippahs (what you mainlanders … Continue reading

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Relentless – (Apologies for Obfuscation)

I have lived in Hawaii a damn long time. I have never felt like some folks do when they move here. Like an outsider. I also wasn’t on the other end of the spectrum. I had never wanted to move … Continue reading

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I’ve always believed that Hawaii tends to keep the folks that she wants to. The people who move here and have problems fitting in don’t make it. They are unable to acclimate; can’t deal with the weather; get island fever; … Continue reading

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