Fit v. Deer

On Wednesday morning this week, I was on my way to East Marion for laundry day, courtesy of my friend Joe. I had my phone on speaker talking to another friend (Mary) when, at 55 miles an hour, a deer just ran out in the road. I did not see it. I did not have time to brake. Luckily, I was far enough away from it that I did not hit it. I was relieved. I felt lucky.

Yesterday was a good day. I ran some errands with my aunt in the morning. I came home and realized I had left my phone in her car. I ran up to her house, grabbed it and decided to go straight to my mom’s. When I got there, she was patrolling the fence line between her yard and the neighbor’s yard. The neighbors had their lawn guys there. One was leaf blowing and one riding a mower. She was yelling and gesturing at the guys when they came close to fence. It was unclear to me if they did not hear her or if they just did not want to deal with her. When she finally got one of them to recognize her, I am certain he cursed at her in Spanish. She wanted to ensure that they were not blowing their leaves into her yard. I am certain if that happened it was completely by accident. I found out that she had made the same gripe to the neighbor across the street earlier in the week who was apparently blowing leaves in the direction of her property. I confess to hiding around the side of the house until the yelling at the lawn guys subsided.

Then I was roped into leaf raking for a while. She kept telling me it was the last bag. One more bag. And then it was one more and one more. I was not dressed for leaves but the weather was divine. I was outside in short sleeves in mid-November.

I stopped up at my friend Joe’s after that and convinced him to head to Greenport. We went to a local distillery and were told to return in a bit since they were going to have a tour and an art exhibition. We ran up to the vintage store which had some great things but I was not dressed for trying things on (boots are a pain). Plus, I am so used to Goodwill prices. I am a cheapskate. We went back to the distillery and lurked in the back of the tour. We could not hear a word. The space was a science geek heaven. All giant flasks and mathematical equations. Magical. And then the art exhibit was photos projected on screens situated throughout a dark portion of the building. There was nothing bad about it.

Then I headed home. The sun was setting but I decided to stay on the North Road. I typically switch over to the Main Road because in the dark, it is hard to know where you are on the North Road. I was super close to cutting over when a deer just ran out into the road. There was just a deer’s head in my sight and a terrible rumple. I pulled over and put my hazard lights on. I was going to get out of my car and see if the deer was alive. Needed help. But it seemed dangerous. So, I made my turn. I put on my hazards. Got out in the dark to see the damage to my car. And there is damage. The hood is crumpled in. The panel next to the hood on the driver’s side is crumpled. I did not know if I should call the police. I called Joe. He said no, I did not have to call the police. I drove to Mary’s. She went out and looked at my car. Took pictures. Poured me a glass of wine while I was on the phone with Geico. I could not stop talking. I kept telling the Geico guy about what happened. He told me that he had to put one of his dogs down recently. He took care of the whole thing. I have an appointment on December first to take my car to be assessed and fixed. I disrupted Mary’s house for a while. Talked to all of my people. My aunt. My mom. Texted my son. He called me.

The entire incident was like a horror movie. I keep seeing that deer’s head coming at my car. Right at my window. And then I was running over something. It was not like hitting another car. Or a parking lot pole. Where there is a crunch of metal. This was much worse. It was softer. A thud. A driving over something that felt very biological. All day today I have been replaying the thing. I think. Was it a person? Of course it was not. It was a deer. That just ran out at my car. Right before my turn. It felt as if after not hitting the deer earlier in the week that it was just something that was supposed to happen. Like some convoluted deer-based Final Destination story line.

And as much as I am angry when I look at my car. I also feel blessed. I was able to drive my car away from the incident. My airbags did not deploy. I did not need to be towed away. I was not injured. So much good that it is difficult for me to focus on the damage to the car. So much thanks right before Thanksgiving. I can’t really complain.


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