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How Old?

I’ve been thinking about my age recently. Maybe because my Mom is going to turn 70 in July. That is just crazy. A 70 year old mother, how did that happen? There’s that and then the fact that I realized … Continue reading

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Today I had to take the 7 year old to get a cavity filled. It kills me that he has one already. I didn’t have any till I was over forty. That’s the difference fluoridated water makes. NY has; HI … Continue reading

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My son is seven. He is getting to the age where he wants to do things by himself. He is stretching his independence. When he leaves us after breakfast at school and walks away with his friends, he forgets to … Continue reading

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Hawaii Cuisine

One of the things I love about living in Hawaii is the availability of some of my favorite foods. I have to admit that prior to living in Thailand for a while I didn’t really do spicy. I come from … Continue reading

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Travel Hell

I traveled from Honolulu to Washington, DC yesterday….or was it today, maybe tomorrow? It was all going so well till the red-eye Honolulu plane had a “maintenance problem”. Now I don’ t know about you but the last plane I … Continue reading

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Ego Stroked

Let’s face it, everyone loves a compliment, me included. I like it when people read my blog. Especially when it comes from someone who I know has read a lot of stuff. I feel like they know what they are … Continue reading

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Keeping in Touch

Today we spent the afternoon with a group of preschool alumni from the school my now 7 year old attended for his first structured school experience. On the last day of preschool, graduation day, we all sort of realized that … Continue reading

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