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I Must Be On Vacation

We have been in CA for a day and a half. We are having fun. We are relaxed. Today we visted Balboa Park and went to two museums (Aerospace & Science). We found the closest Starbucks. We strolled about the … Continue reading

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We are Sad

Today is our last day in Hawaii for six months. I feel very, very sad. Silly me, I really did not think that I would feel this way. This is the way that I typically feel in NY, when I … Continue reading

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You are Good Enough to be a Mentor

I’ve done my fair share of volunteering in my day. Usually cleaning beaches, removing graffiti or painting the homeless shelter but nothing that directly involved impacting actual human beings in a real way. One day, while out at a war … Continue reading

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Why Hawaii is Better Than Where You Live

Yeah, so you think that you know Hawaii. The beautiful beaches, the unnaturally blue water, the tropical climate and the aloha spirit. But really, you don’t know Hawaii because it is so much more than that. Anything that you can … Continue reading

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Your Pet Name Here

On the phone with my Mom the other day, who is thrilled that we are coming to stay with her for six months, she called me “babe.” She does this infrequently, but always when I am upset about something. I … Continue reading

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Fat? So what, get over it!

Grumpiness set in today when I went to try on clothes. I realized quite recently that I only have enough casual weekend type clothes for two days. I am about to embark on a much longer getaway and I am … Continue reading

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Keep Hawaii Beautiful

When I was a kid growing up in New York, well, I don’t remember a whole lot, but I do remember that one public service announcement to “Keep America Beautiful.” If you are my age and grew up on the … Continue reading

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