Human Touch

Today I went into the office. On the way, we stopped at the grocery store where there is a Starbucks. My son and his dad walked past the SB to pick up a breakfast sandwich. While I was on the line, one of the SB ladies told the guy who was working with them to look around the corner and asked him to take care of it. I didn’t really think of it until I had my coffee in hand and turned the corner to put the fixings in it. There was a woman, unconscious on the floor. From the looks of it, she had fallen out of her chair onto the floor. The gentleman at the other table, was so kind as to let us know that she had actually fallen out of the chair. He actually even berated the SB guy, pointing out that clearly she had fallen out of her chair. Despite the fact that he had heard her fall, seen her there, he had apparently just gone back to typing away on his keyboard.

The SB guy did check to see if she had pulse (he felt her wrist) and then told me that he was going to get his manager. I called 911. The store managers walked over while I was on the phone with the operator. She asked me if I was next to the woman and started asking me if she was breathing, if I needed to do CPR. I gave my phone to one of the managers. I started to move the woman a bit and she stirred a little. Not dead. Still breathing.

The entire time, the gentleman at the other table continued to just sit at the table. The store managers looked on. We ran into the ambulance guys as we were leaving the store. I am hopeful that they were able to help her out.

I wish I could say that I feel like I was the good guy in this incident. But I do not feel like that is true. I kind of freaked out. To be honest, I don’t know what I would have done if that woman needed CPR. And, although she looked like she may have been homeless, she also looked like she may not have been homeless. But I still did not want to do it.

In the car, my son said that I touched his back with the hand that I had touched the woman with. His dad said that I could have gotten flesh eating bacteria (I noted that she did not have any festering wounds). My coworker said that people were just incapacitated and did not know what to do. My son confessed later that he had seen her for a “millisecond out of the corner of his eye” but thought that she was “stretching out on the floor.” This left me questioning my parenting skills.

And I have been wondering all day, what would happen if the person who was unconscious was dirty. Or smelly. What if that person needed CPR? I always thought that if I passed out in public somewhere, someone would help me. But it seems that that might not be the case. I suppose I should be happy that no one took pictures of her while she was out. A low bar indeed.

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